Assembly candidate John Zielinski is challenging his opponent, incumbent Assemblywoman Maryanne Buttonschon to a debate.

“The public deserves to know where the candidates stand before casting their ballots in this year’s critical elections,” said Zielinski. “Considering the challenging circumstances of campaigning during the months-long lockdown in this public health situation, highly publicized debates hosted and covered by our local news media organizations are the best way for voters to be informed.”

Zielinski has asked WIBX to assist in setting up at least one of the debates, in hopes of holding an open forum style debate on the Keeler radio show. WIBX has reached out to Maryanne Buttonschon's campaign and his awaiting a decision.

“Many voters will begin casting their votes as early as this week when the Board of Elections mails out thousands and thousands of Absentee Ballots,” added Zielinski. “I sincerely hope that the local media outlets in our area are willing to do this public service for the people of the 119th District. I’m ready to show up anytime, anyplace – and I certainly expect that Marianne Buttenschon would agree to the same.”


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