Monday, March 18th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- What is the latest on the COVID-19 government response? Rachel Sutherland (FNR) joins us this morning to discuss the weekend moves. We also get information on that 3 Trillion Dollar stimulus package passed in the House.

7 AM Hour

- What do college graduates do now as they begin their careers. It's a tough time to do so in some fields. We speak with the Director of Recruitment with Futuretech Staffing, Amy Fulmer, on the topic.

- Another week of the Pandemic means we have another week with Dr. Kent Hall. He has been so generous with his time as he continues to explain and clarify information surrounding COVID-19.

8 AM Hour

- We always love speaking with Mighty John the Record Guy about the value of records. He speaks with us about the Top 10 'Big Money' records.

- How was President Trump's weekend? We ask Fox News Radio's Jon Decker what he thinks.

- John Zielinski is a Republican candidate for the NY Assembly. He is running for the 119th district seat currently held by Democrat Marianne Buttenschon. We speak to him to see why he's running and where he is on current issues.


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