The President of SUNY Poly was in court today in Albany.

Alain Kaloyeros was arraigned on three felony charges in connection with a bid-rigging scheme.  Kaloyeros is accused of steering construction contracts to hand-picked companies for three multi-million dollar projects in Buffalo, Albany and Syracuse.

His attorney says his client is innocent and looks forward to being exonerated.

Kaloyeros has been suspended without pay from his job at SUNY, but Senator Joseph Griffo believes Kaloyeros should be fired.  Griffo says the institution's image and integrity is very important right now.  He says even though Kaloyeros may be innocent until presumed otherwise, the college does not need that stain on them and the state need to move quickly to get a permanent head into that facility.

Griffo was a guest on WIBX's First News with Keeler Show this morning.

UPDATE: Griffo and Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi have asked State University Chancellor Nancy Zimpher to replace Alain Kaloyeros with an interim president for SUNY Polytechnic Institute as quickly as possible.