Here's a wrap-up of today's Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX for Monday, October 21st.

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Bullying.  We have a terrible story about bullying in a local school and how it was brushed under the rug.
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 Clayton Morris of FOX and Friends

Clayton Morris was on-air this morning before he went on FOX.  He talked about health care, the government shutdown and politics in general.  He's promoting his new app for iPhone and iPad called 'Read Quick.'  It's an app that will allow you to speed read the news. We're testing it out.

 WKTV Legendary TV Anchor Sandy Arnn

Sandy was on the air this morning talking about the old days at WKTV.  Sandy was an anchor on WKTV from 1979 until 1992.

Bullying in Waterville

There's a terrible story about bullying in Waterville.  A parent called complaining that a 7th grader was duct taped in the locker room shower and three high school football players were suspended over the incident.  But, after football team parents complained and the suspension was overruled.  The players were allowed to come back to school and allowed to play in their game against West Canada.

Another 'tape hazing' incident happened to another younger student...this time the action was committed by players on the soccer team.  Those kids could not be punished because the school had set the standard with the football case.

Here's the latest on this story from Waterville.

More calls on the Waterville High School Football story:

Utica Fire Dept Union President Bob Wenener on air

Confirming that the fire union has endorsed Bill Moorhouse for Utica Comptroller.

Mark DiOrio / Observer-Dispatch
Ron Moshier mugshot mug shot, Nov. 12, 2012, in Utica, N.Y.

Ron Moshier of the Utica OD on High School Football

Ron is talking about the High School Football picture.  Check out his blog at the Utica OD.

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Actor John Ratzenberger of Cheers and Toy Story fame on Air

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Playboy)

John is promoting a fundraiser he's doing to launch his new tv show.