WIBX Keeler LogoHere’s a wrap-up of Friday’s Keeler in the Morning show on WIBX.   A huge morning loaded with a pretty diverse crowd of guests talking about everything from Nano Utica to Harry Potter.  Plus, Leon Etienne and Romy Low from America's Got Talent.

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is:  Advanced Medicine
Bill's wife is going through a colonoscopy today...despite the fact that we've come so far, Bill's gripe is the fact that we still need a probe...and not a magic wand like they used on Star Trek.  As far as we have advanced in medicine, these procedures are still somewhat invasive.
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The Topics from Overnight

  • Utica Comets Open Today on the road in Rochester.
  • Nano Utica, $1.5 billion and 1000 jobs all on the way
  • A sad story about a guy who was just on the radio with us
  • The Giants are winless after six games
  • The A's went down last night
  • Leon Etienne and Romy Low will be in studio today for their welcome home party Saturday night at Babes
  • Bruce Jenner Told a Photographer he was going to run him over

Willie Waffle and His Movie Review

Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks
Read Willie's review, he gives it 4 out of 4 waffles.
Movie Trailer:

Utica Comets Beat Writer Don Liable Talks Hockey in Utica

It's the Comets inaugural opener tonight in Rochester.  Plus, what's the latest news on Utica's hot new hockey team:

Kelly Blazosky of the Oneida County Tourism Board Talks Nano Tech

Kelly talked about how important the Nano Tech announcement was yesterday.  She also said we have to start presenting a positive imagine from within, in order to attract people to the area.

Leon Etienne and Romy Low in-Studio

Fresh off their European tour and a huge award in Paris- and obviously, their huge appearance on America's Got Talent on NBC.  Saturday is a big day for Leone and Romy. Big Frog 104 is holding a meet and greet at Sangertown Square ion New Hartford starting at 10 a.m. for kids.  Then at night, they're at Babes for a Welcome Home Party starting at 8pm.

Senator Joe Griffo

Joe is in-studio talking about the Nano Tech Announcement - and Leon and Romy.

Dr. Robert Geer, President of SUNY IT on Nano Tech

Dr. Geer discussed the big announcement by the Governor yesterday on new jobs and technology coming to the site.

County Exec Tony Picente on Nano Tech

The County Exec was on giving his take on the work done to land this Nano Tech money and jobs.  He said it's work that's been going on for years.

The actor Who Played Harry Potters Father in the Harry Potter Series

This was a HUGE grab Andrew!!!!  Movie star Jason Issacs was on the line answering questions about Harry Potter, his many movies and his latest movie.

Jason Isaacs on Keeler (Romy is a big fan):

Here's the trailer to the new movie Sweetwater, which is set back in the 1800's

Comets to host Romy and Leon and more with Senator Joe Griffo

Mark Caswell from the Utica Comets joins the Keeler show for a preview of the team's inaugural game, plus he announced that Leon and Romy would be the special guests at a Comets game on October 30. Senator Griffo wrapped up the whole morning and then we discussed Leon and Romy's experience on America's Got Talent.  Plus, Leon's new award, Best Magician in Paris...which he just received days ago in France.

 High School Football Update with the OD's Ron Moshier

We wrapped up with Leon and Romy talking about their America's Got Talent experience. Then we talked about the big Friday night match-up between New Hartford and Whitesboro and the fact that New Hartford is actually on a win streak.  We also talked about the controversy at Utica Notre Dame over the suspension of high school football coach Byron Abraham.  He was suspended for a week because he didn't play two players who missed practices because of an ROTC event.

Ron Moshier weekend preview plus Leon and Romy final segment:

All in all...this was an awesome show.  Jam packed from start to finish!  Andrew and Justin doing a great job producing First News with Keeler in the Morning.

Remember the LEON AND ROMY WELCOME HOME PARTY Saturday night at 8pm at Babe's Macaroni Bar and Grill in North Utica.

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