Here’s a wrap-up of today’s Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX for Wednesday, December 11th.

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is:  Toddler Stupidity (It's actually adult stupidity - )
Hometown of the Day:  Schuyler
Newsmaker of the Day:
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Legislator Gary Hartman made comments about Safe Act and Remington, he'll be on today at 7:35

Nelson Mandela Memorial yesterday, and the President is being criticized for taking a 'selfie'

Toy Drive Auction and Egg Nog Drop - a lot to discus today

Toddler Stupidity, Actually Adult stupidity:  A baby potty seat with an iPad holder?

The Infant Toilet Seat with iPad Holder

Are you kidding:  here.

What a Waste!!!  Stoplights that Stop us for NO reason

Intern Jordan is on the story with a test this morning.  We're driving the arterial and Genesee Street to see if there's any sensibility to the light timers.  Why not sensors?

It seems too often we're sitting at a 4-way stoplight alone!  What a waste of gas, time and money!  Results coming in the 7am hour.

Gabby Cabby- Peter Franklin

Peter's topics:

NYC Ban on electronic cigarette?

$57 (m) million dollars for Norman Rockwell paintings

NYPD just sent out letters to 500 registered gun owners, modify to a single shot or get the gun out of NYC:

 Anthony Thomas is a Senior at VVS - He's doing something big for the Toy Drive

Instead of paying to get in, a donated toy will satisfy the cost of admission.

Intern Jordan and the Stop Light test

He's testing the Arterial first.  It seemed to flow properly.  Next test:  Genesee Street Utica.

AUDIO - VVS student drive and Jordan checks:

Outgoing Herkimer County Legislator Gary Hartman Told You So:

Legislator was criticized for supporting NY SAFE ACT and saying it wouldn't hurt Remington Arms

Calling in:  Jim Piccola of the DOT

Official word on traffic congestion. There is probably an implosion being planned to take down the old warehouse building near the Arterial project.

 Canadian Airline Video Goes Viral

Click here to watch this amazing video.

Jeff Idelson from the Baseball Hall of Fame

Joe Torre is going in.  It should be a big Hall of Fame weekend in July.

Intern Jordan Comes Back UP Genesee Street

It's the stoplight test.  Results?

Lou Calls in to Talk About the NY Safe Act

He agrees with the ban on semi-automatic weapons that load more than the minimum bullets:

WIBX- Keeler Toy Drive Auction

We have awesome items, plus the Great Egg Nog Drop for $500 in cash.  Special thanks to Dr. John McKennan for donating the $500 prize money.  Byrne Dairy donated the egg nog, McQuade and Bannigan donated a 36 foot boom lift and Senator Joe Griffo is the official pourer.  Plus, thanks to the Comets who are letting people into the game for
Live Broadcast Friday and Saturday morning to collect toys at Raspberries on Commercial Drive in New Hartford near Consumer Square.
The Keeler WIBX Toy Drive is sponsored by the Observer Dispatch, Time Warner Cable, New York Sash with special help from Utica Mack and Angel Ride Limousine.

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