Friday, August 12th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Michael Phelps is amazing, taking another gold medal in Rio. Plus, is sympathy for Alex Rodriguez justified? We discuss

Keeler has audio of a pair of Canadian broadcaster mistakes at the Olympics. The first is the case of guy who forgot his mic was LIVE. The second case: someone gets confused between Phelps and Ryan Lochte. It's bad

Willie Waffle reviews this week's releases, including Pete's Dragon and Sausage Party

7 AM Hour

Keeler blurts out the number '2168' - know what it means and you win

An update on Keeler's diet nearly one week in. He's not sure if he's lost weight, but is feeling better

We chat with NY-22 candidate Martin Babinec. He has the Reform Party line, and has submitted signature for the Upstate Jobs line. During the interview, Monaski asks a question regarding something one of his opponent, Claudia Tenney, texted in regarding a Super PAC. Babinec says he has no such PAC

Keeler isn't sure that it's fair to allow Tenney to text in comments. Shouldn't all three NY-22 candidate be able to do the same

8 AM Hour

Utica GOP Chairman Joe Hobika questioned about support for Republican candidates Donald Trump and Claudia Tenney. Is he backing them?

Learning about Cornell Cooperative Extension's Meat Suit. Marylynn Mattison Collins on the benefits of buying meat locally. More info here:

Now, ex-Utica Comets play-by-play radio broadcaster Brendan Burke has been hired to New York Islanders game on TV. We catch up with Burke on the long road to making it to the NHL

Massage therapist Kelley Holmes Morton is in studio to educate us on 'cupping' - the technique that results in those pepperoni-looking-circles on Michael Phelps' body. She also brought in some of her Kelley's Lip Smacking Salsa.

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