Friday, August 8th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- The newly merged Central Valley School District may have an issue with teacher contracts.

- NUAIR has been given the go ahead to begin Drone testing at Griffiss.

- Big news about Israel and President Obama addressed the press about it.

- Tiger Woods goes +3 at the PGA Championship Round 1 yesterday.


- The CDC has issued an International warning about the potential of an Ebola problem and the government is involved. It should get maybe a little more involved.

- Bill has a problem with people who are looking for their name on the Coke bottles and it's the same as people buying a bunch of lottery tickets in front of you in line.

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino

- A baby got in trouble with the Secret Service.

- In Hawaii they are getting hammered with a ton of rain (Tropical Storm Iselle) and Julio could be a hurricane and hit them there as well.


- A couple of stories tweeking Bill's interest today including the story about the boy who invited his parents to dinner and killed them and chopped them up.

- Bill discusses the importance of raising a child with two styles of parenting. A woman called 911 after she saw pornography on her living room television. The 2-year-old sister turned the TV on to reveal the porn.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- We give Ray a hard time about getting the forecast wrong yesterday, but he's still going forward with a rain free forecast this weekend.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- Into The Storm - It is the mother of all storms!!!!!!

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - They are mutant turtles, and they are ninjas.  You know the story.

- The Hundred-Foot Journey - Helen Mirren is a stuffy lady who runs a stuffy, highly regarded, traditional French restaurant when an Indian family moves in across the street and starts their own, more free and fun restaurant. Let the sparks fly!

- Step Up All In - I am drawing the line.  I REFUSE TO REVIEW STEP UP ALL IN.  I have Stepped Up.  I have Stepped Up 2 The Streets.  I Stepped Up in 3D.  I Stepped Up for the revolution. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  I am stepping out.

Before you go to the movies make sure you check with Willie first:

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi - NUAIR Drone Testing

- Before we get to Anthony, we talk about the big Softball game tonight to benefit flood victims.

- A couple of big announcements for Griffiss and Oriskany.

- He also talks to us about some good news agriculturally in partnership with Cornell. The possibilities are endless and they could make use of the drones as well.

- There are endless possibilities with unmanned aircraft.

- Assemblyman Brindisi gives his thoughts on the extension of the grant for a year so that parents can be prepared and voice their opinions on the extended school day. It's important for the parents to be educated on what the purpose truly is for the extended school day.

- We talk with the Assemblyman about the positive progress going on in the city.


- Donna calls up to plug a benefit on Sunday at the North Utica Walmart to help a member of the Smiley the Clown club whose grandson died at birth. They are raising money to get the baby a headstone.

- She also gave Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi advice on how to get the grease stain out of his pants. That hint is:

Photo Credit: Anthony Brindisi

Frank Vescera and Jim Zecca

- We pick up where we left off yesterday with them and we discuss the specifics of the judges ruling in regards to the signatures.

John Berzinski - Herkimer County Legislator

- John is on to promote the Charity Softball game that will be going to Valley Flood Victims.

- John is thankful to a lot of people including Bill.

- The event is tonight at 7pm in Little Falls at the main field at VETS Park.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

- John brings in a great IPA from Ithaca Brewing Company called Green Trail which is an easy drinking IPA.

- It has a nice smooth finish it's got just enough hops and you can still taste the malt. Very balanced.

- We talk with John about the home brewer who won the State Fair contest. The winner was Rochester home brewer Sean Coughlin, and the F.X. Matt Brewery will brew his beer and submit it in Colorado this year.

Lawrence Brinker - NUAIR

- Lawrence works with NUAIR and the contract has been approved for Drones testing to begin at Griffiss. The contract was aided by Cornell.

- This launches the test site launching. This is a huge hurdle that they have gotten over.

- Weather is an important factor because of the two extremes both good and bad weather which we see here in Central New York.

- What they have now is the authority to fly, but there are still safety boards and reviews that they have to go through.

- The piece that was done on 60 minutes was a big help in regards to giving the public a different perspective into drones.

- The initial flight will be about 400 feet in the air and eventually it will be at about 18,000 feet.

Wrapping Things Up For The Week

- We review the case of the Mom finding the porn and calling 911.

- Wildfires in Canada are possibly the cause of the fog or contributing to the fog.