Friday, July 8th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Crazy scene in Texas where nearly a dozen Dallas police officers were shot - 5 have died. This unfolded during the protest of officer involved fatal shootings of two black men this week in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Caller Tim is angry following the shootings in Dallas.

Keeler thinks he's found the magic recipe for winning the Mega Millions jackpot. Plus, the AHL looks to curb fighting, and Fox's Rachel Sutherland on the GOP grilling FBI director James Comey

Willie Waffle reviews The Secret Life of Pets. He actually likes it!

7 AM Hour

Boilermaker President Tim Reed ahead of this weekend's big race! Will it rain? We've got the latest forecast.

(7:20am) A LIVE update on the latest in Dallas from Fox News Radio's Tonya J Powers.

A rundown of some top stories this morning - GOP grills FBI director of Hillary emails, the shooting in Dallas and more good news on Jim Kelly. Plus, Ilion Mayor Terry Leonard on yet another boil water advisory in Ilion

Steve Hauck, for Utica Police Lt., reacts to the string of officer involved shootings this week.

8 AM Hour

Steve Hauck breaks down what he sees in the Minnesota Facebook Live video, along with what happened in Dallas last night. Plus, Keeler blasts Minnesota's Governor for his remarks.

Continuing with Hauck, this time discussing the Lousiana shooting this week.

Kathrine Switzer and Roger Robinson in Utica to anchor WIBX 950's Boilermaker coverage (beginning Sunday morning at 7am). They break down the favorites in both the men's and women's elite categories

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