Friday, November 13th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Donald Trump make an unbelievable comparison when talking about Ben Carson. Did he go too far this time? Probably not

The GOP is recruiting some 'new'/old blood in the presidential race.

Tonya J Powers with the latest on the Starbucks cup controversy. And, we squeeze in a FREE Money Question

Willie Waffle has a terrible cold. He sounds just as bad as the movies he's reviewed for the weekend

7 AM Hour

Vincent Asaro was found Not Guilty on Thursday. Plus, what happened at the Sauquoit Valley Girls Soccer game!?!?!

Ohio State QB arrested for DUI.

Katy Perry's father did a horrible job of raising says one lady

Jackie Izzo is officially Rome's Mayor-Elect

We talk with Tim Clive, the Sauquoit Valley Girls Soccer Coach, he weighs in on the controversy

8 AM Hour

The Genesis Group's annual celebration of education is next week. Gary Ford and Gordy Garrett.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente on Thursday's passing of the budget.

County legislator Richard Flisnik wants to set the record straight

We hear from a local referee about his what he saw at the Sauquoit Valley Girls game. Plus a FREE Money Question and Kidd Chris is in studio

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