Friday, September 16th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Trump wouldn't answer the question this week about where he thought President Obama was born. Now, his campaign says Trump does believe Obama was born in the US. And, some audio of a very busy day for Trump yesterday.

Keeler takes a look a statistics showing where Syrian refugees are being located in the US and New York State - story here.

CNY's long range winter forecast has changed a bit. Now it projected that we'll have a warm October and November. And a warmer than previously thought winter.

Willie Waffle checks in with a preview of this weekend's releases: Bridget Jones Diary got just 1 Waffle, while he gave the new Snowden movie just 1/5 Waffles.

7 AM Hour

Recapping Donald Trump's busy Thursday. His Dr Oz segment aired, he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and also did a radio interview where he called upstate New York a 'death zone', saying Hillary's job creation efforts while she was a US Senator in NY were a failure.

John Zogby has an update on the presidential race. What does he make of the latest poll numbers, and more.

Kim Myers on the Second Amendment. Myers she would support restricting legal gun access to those on terror watch lists. And, she throws criticism at the New York SAFE Act.

8 AM Hour