Monday, February 29th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Chris Rock hosted last night's Oscars.  Keeler says he addressed the diversity issue and did a good job.

It looks as though Donald Trump will be the nominee for the GOP.  Will the Conservative party nominate a third party candidate to pacify conservatives who will not vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney was not endorsed by the Oneida County GOP.  Does this surprise you?

Willie Waffle joins the Keeler show for a special discussion about the Oscars.  Of Chris Rock, "He was to make you uncomfortable, then he wants to make you laugh."


7 AM Hour

Jeff Monaski and Bill Keeler talk local sports.  Several local wrestlers won tourneys over the weekend.

Should there be age restrictions on when citizens - including children - can own and handle guns?


Steven Wells has been invited to come on the show to discuss his endorsement by Oneida County Republicans.  He has not yet accepted the offer to participate.

Gun laws expert Edwin Walker joins us via telephone to talk about the fact that private colleges in Texas are not allowing guns on college campuses.  He acknowledges the difference between gun ownership opinions in downstate New York versus upstate.  He says, "New York City is the tail that wags the dog."  He says it is a parent's responsibility to teach a child to teach a child gun responsibility.

Joe Load calls in and says that his father, a Remington Arms employee, did not let him have a gun until he was older.  He says he believes that the gun issue is made more complicated by the disintegration of the family structure.

Caller Sharon calls in to say that there are no political beliefs when it comes to protecting children.  "How many attacks have been minimized," she asks, "...because a law-abiding citizen had (a gun)?"  Caller Scott says he grew up around guns and says that "...if you advertise that you have a gun-free zone...then the knuckleheads are going to bring a gun there..."

Oneida County Republican Chair Peter Sobel joins us to discuss the fact that Oneida County did not endorse 22nd Congressional District candidate Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney in favor of attorney Steven Wells.  The seat is currently held by Rep. Richard Hanna, who announced he will not seek re-election.

WIBX post December 20, 2015
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On the national political scene, and Donald Trump, Sobel says he thinks that this week's primaries are going to be "very telling."

Locally, Sobel says that the votes between four of the five candidates (one did not show) were close.  Steven Wells came in first with more than fifty percent of the vote.  Claudia Tenney came in second.  Businessman Martin Babinec took third; George Phillips came in fourth.  Sobel says, though, "Don't count anyone out because they (sic) did not get endorsements..."

Sobel says he did not take part in the endorsement vote because, he says, his role in voting is that of a tie-breaker.  He acknowledges that, with regard to Assemblywoman Tenney's campaign, there is some fence-mending that needs to occur.-

8 AM Hour

Photo Credit Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

Alyssa Campbell and Mary Chamberlain of the Masonic Care Community join us in studio.

They are looking at minimializing re-hospitalizations after medical events.  Heart failure is the number one cause of re-hospitalizations.

The Masonic Care Community will be part of the WIBX Heart Radiothon and American's Greatest Heart Run and Walk Weekend this weekend.

Ron Moshier from the Utica Observer Dispatch joins WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning to talk high school sports.

Caller Jill in New Hartford enters the Free Money Question of the Day.  Jill does not know the answer but Intern Ryan does.  Jill is still a winner.

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Intern Ryan Faro knows his music!






The Huffington Post reports that Vice President Joseph Biden deflected a comment by a heckler in the audience at a California Democrats State Convention in San Jose, California over the weekend who said that his son Beau died because of radiation poisoning from a cellular telephone.

Professor Allan Saxe from the University of Texas at Arlington tells us what the other candidates need to do at this point to try to beat GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

He predicts that no candidate will get more than fifty percent of the vote and that Texas Senator Ted Cruz will win his home state.