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Hanna Calls Tenney a Pariah
Former Republican Congressman Richard Hanna called current Representative Claudia Tenney a "pariah" after she made the now debunked statement that mass shooters are 'mostly Democrats,' during a radio interview this week.
Tenney to Announce Re-Election Bid
Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-NY22) will officially announce her re-election campaign on Saturday, March 3rd, according to supporters who are distributing invites to two upcoming campaign events.
Tenney 'Yes' Vote Draws Jeers
Congresswoman Claudia Tenney's 'yes' vote for the House's 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act' has drawn criticism from local leaders. Tenney joined three other Upstate Republicans in voting yes in New York.
Congressional Itch?
The former GOP representative of NY-24, then NY-22, sat out the last election - a campaign that turned into a three-way race won by rival Republican Claudia Tenney. Hanna said he has considered making another run for Washington, but said that if he did it would be as an Independent.

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