Monday, June 16th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Casey Kasem has passed away. We will play outtakes of his Top 40 countdowns a little later.

- We had odd weather for FrogFest over the weekend. One of the performers, Tyler Farr, had to stop the show to break up a fight.

- Even though it was cold, girls still dressed like it was 90. - Father's Day was Sunday. - What's to come today...


- Bill talks grad parties and how people feel about them.

- The NBA Finals and NHL Stanly Cup Finals are over and Jeff gives a little analysis. The Spurs are NBA champions and LA Kings are the Stanley Cup bearers.

- A 3-year-old girl and her mom were stuck on a tarmac and she had to use the bathroom. The flight attendant would not let her go, finally the little girl had to relieve herself. The flight attendant then had the pilot turn the plane around due to what she thought was a "security breach" and all it was, was the mom cleaning the urine up off the seat.

- How do you handle that situation? - Kristine talks about an experience she had with a national retailer where her son was not allowed to use the restroom and he had an accident.


- We talk about our delay system and the difference between Radio Pup and the radio. Swear words could slip through.

- People want to know what store Kristine had the problem with it. Bill didn't come out and say it but he did say it sounds like "Eddie Smauer."

- Bill calls in to ask about Casey Kasem's real name. It's spelled Kemal Amin "Casey" Kasem, but we had no idea how to pronounce it.

Danielle Banks - The Weather Channel

- Danielle was filling in for Ray and she gave us a weather update.


- Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has broken a record for the most game show episodes hosted with 6,229 and counting. Pat Sajak is in second place with a little over 6,000.

- Bill realized that Country Music is more like rock music. Bill was amazed by the guitar players style, hair and guitar shredding.

- We talk about the FrogFest fight broken up by Tyler Farr.


- Plate Night new episode goes live today. It's the Waterfront Grille in Herkimer.

- Father's Day this past weekend. Bill got a brand new coffee maker for the big day from his wife. He doesn't drink coffee, hers was broken.

- His kids got him a guitar pick maker! You can use any kind of plastic card (expired gift card or old credit card).

Intern Ed's World Cup Report

- Our man Ed Manne gives a full report of the FIFA World Cup tournament. He claims things don't look good for the USA, because of our grouping.

- We found the best possible bed.

Jesse Lenney - WFP

- We speak with Jesse about a rally they'll be holding regarding the minimum wage issue.

- The Working Families Party feels there should be a minimum wage increase.

Continuing with Jesse Lenney

- Ralph calls in to make a comment about Lenney's facts. He talks about small business wages. He points out there is a big difference between Seattle and Upstate New York. Jesse responds.

- Donna calls in to not only agree with Ralph, but to talk about how unbelievably taxed they are by New York State. Jesse responds.

- Jeff has a question and it relates to inflation. Jesse responds.

- Dawn calls in as well and Jesse gets the final word in about the topic.


- We talk about how this minimum wage increase would effect professions such as the radio industry. With increased minimum wage, prices could go up and employment would be eliminated.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- High School baseball update for the season.

Mighty John The Record Guy

- We start off the conversation with John talking about Casey Kasem. John remembers that he was a natural and it came natural.

- John says there is a market for Top 40 countdown records.

- John gives the list of the most valuable Summer and Beach items:

10. 1962 Swan LP…Freddie Cannon… “Palisades Park"=$100.00
9. 1964 Dot 45…Pat Boone“Beach Girl” (w/Bruce Johnston of Beach Boys=$100.00
8. 1964 Buena Vista LP…Frankie Avalon & Annette… “Muscle Beach Party=$100.00
7. 1964 Gordy 45…Martha & Vandellas… “Dancing in the Street”…w/ps=$150.00
6. 1967 RCA LP…Elvis Presley… “Clambake”(mono)=$300.00
5. 1972 Warner Bros. LP…Alice Cooper… “Schools Out” (back cover does not list titles)=$500.00
4. 1961 X 45…The Beach Boys… “Surfin”=$750.00
3. 1964 Atlantic 45…The Drifters… “Under the Boardwalk”(colored vinyl)=$750.00
2. 1958 Liberty 78…Eddie Cochran… “Summertime Blues”=$1,000.00
1. 1963 DFS 45… The Surfaris… “Wipe Out”=$4,500.00

- With the World's Largest Yard Sale this weekend at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds, be looking for these records maybe there. Saturday the 21st.

Major General Jerry Curry (US Army - RET.)

- We're in a mess that we are going to have to live our way through.

- We made a lot of mistakes and Major General Curry explains them.

- We talk to him about days of George H. Bush and Colin Powell and the decision to go into Baghdad. The problem there was lack of strategy, instead it was a mess.

- He gives his opinion on what we should do next. He also talks about how Iran has no interest in peace or keeping Iraq together. We should not be involved with Iran.

- This general tells it like it is.

Jeff Stone from Babe's Macaroni Grill and Bar - "The Boilermaker Burger"

- Stop by Babe's or Carmella's to buy one of these delicious "Boilermaker Burgers." Proceeds from every burger sold will go to the Central New York Food Bank.

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

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