Monday, June 2nd, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- You could win some tickets to a Yankees vs. Red Sox tickets details on the website.

- There is a big pot hole problem in the city specifically along the Boilermaker route.

- 4 potentially dangerous Taliban leaders were traded for one American POW.

- Should the US be negotiating with terrorists?

- Wayne calls in to give his opinion.


- So what happens next for the released POW?

- Does he go back to the military? Father tweets out some comments that are stirring up controversy.

- Casey Kasem is now in the custody of his daughters. A judge ordered that Casey's daughters were allowed to see him and when they went to visit hamburger was thrown at them.

- Anne B. Davis, Alice, from the Brady Bunch has passed away. She was in good mental health, however she fell and died from a head injury.

- Malcolm calls in to discuss the POW recently released. He talks about the fact that the man held captive was a deserter. The dangerous part of this is the 5 Muslim prisoners know how America works and could mean we are vulnerable to another attack.


- Andrew gives a little preview of what he's going to do with traveling the Boilermaker course.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray thinks we're exaggerating the pothole problem and gives us his weather forecast.


- Children's Museum has some violations including extension cords instead of hard wiring. Is the Children's Museum in trouble? We reviewed train story.

- Police in Utica are in the midst of a big case. They are looking for a woman who stole $900 worth of energy drink. Anyone with information call 223-3461. More Details and Photos here:

- Andrew talks about the first part of the course and counts 10 potholes before he got to Proctor Park.

Andrew's Pothole Investigation

- Before we got to Andrew, we discussed some crazy stories that happened over the weekend including that POW and the Children's Museum being hit with several violations and that led to the discussion of problems that continue to plague the museum.

- When we got to Andrew we discussed Bill's gripe which was budget. That ties into Andrew's discovery in regards to more potholes than normal and most likely the budget didn't take into account how bad this Winter would tear up the streets.

Hermin Garic - Wheelchair Racer

Photo Courtesy of Sitrin
Photo Courtesy of Sitrin

- Hermin talks about his experiences in competing and training for the Boilermaker wheelchair race. He talks about his chances and desires to win the race.

- Hermin also discussed the issue that Andrew investigated today and that is the potholes.

Howie Hawkins - Green Party Governor Candidate

Audrey C. Tiernan-Pool/Getty Images
Audrey C. Tiernan-Pool/Getty Images

- We discussed the Working Families Party and their endorsement of Andrew Cuomo.

- We also talked 2nd Amendment rights with Howie and The NY Safe Act.

- We spoke with Howie about Astorino's chances as well.


- Bill goes over the list of violations against the Children's Museum listed in the Utica OD as given by Chief Russell Brooks.

- Discussion also leads to talking about their ridiculous hours. They are open Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM, according to their website.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- Before we get to Ron we talk again about the Casey Kasem story.

- Ron talks High School baseball. Clinton has a big win. They beat Frankfort 14-7. Ron breaks down the game. After winning the sectional championship Clinton will go on to play the Section IV championship.

- Oriskany also won their sectional championship. Brookfield had a great season.


- Coming up we will talk with a good friend with Alex Kogut, Paige Whitley. Her and her mother have set up the Purple Pinkie Charitable Foundation to raise awareness of Dating Domestic Violence in the wake of Alex's brutal murder.

- Not many people think about the fact that domestic violence could occur between boyfriend and girlfriend.

- We continue to discuss the Casey Kasem family dispute further. Why did Casey's wife throw the meat? According to the bible in the name of King David giving her husband up to the dogs.

Joleen Ferris & Paige Whitney

- We spoke with Joleen Ferris first to talk about her coverage of the Whittemore trial.

- She gives an analysis of the Jury deliberation. She talks about what the jury wanted to see again and she talks about how different this was than other juries in the past.

- Joleen talks about the coverage and reaction to this case of people in Rochester.

Now To Paige:

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Paige is a friend of Alex Kogut and she and her mom set up a Charitable Fund in honor of Alex.

- Paige talks about her reaction to the verdict and the job well done of the DA who was Alex's voice.

- Paige and her mom set up the Purple Pinkie Charitable Fund to end and raise awareness of Dating and Domestic Violence.

- Paige said that she never saw any indication or never had any fear with the relationship. It's a surreal thing.

- There are two things to benefit the organization. People can paint their pinky nail purple and take a picture of it and post it and people can also donate at

- Paige wants to get the message across for people to speak up if they see something.

Baseball Contest

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- We talk about the recent performance of the Mets and Jim Rondenelli makes his way in to talk a little Mets history and local ties.

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