Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- What a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend! What is Richard Chubbawedding's real name? It's actually Lewelling. - Someone is posting photos of Rosco Conkling Park and how bad it is being neglected. - The White House released the name of one of their chief operatives. That's not something that should EVER happen. - Bill spent his Memorial Day Weekend in Canada. It was a long wait to get across the border and the agent gave Bill attitude. This is the reason for Bill's Gripe today.


- There was another mass shooting in California. It was at UC Santa Barbara. The suspect was the son of a Hollywood Director who worked on the Hunger Games. His name was Elliot Rodger. One victim's father blamed his son's death on the NRA. - The suspect had released a Manifesto and posted a chilling YouTube video prior to the shootings.


- Canal Side Inn is featured in the latest episode of Plate Night and Charlie's Pizza is the next episode premiering Thursday. - Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown and his deputies checked on Rodgers and he seemed normal. - Eliot Rodger purchased the Handguns legally in the years prior. Because he was never institutionalized he was able to purchase the guns. - His last video was very chilling he talks about punishing people for his loneliness and lack of sex. - The more things like this keep happening, the more gun control legislation will become tighter. Politicians will continue to feel the pressure. - Richard Lewelling gives us the Weather Channel Forecast!


- How do you stop someone like the shooter? What sort of indicators are there to prevent it?

Rick Andrew - Redeemer Church

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Before we get to talking to Rick, we talk about Bill's trip to Canada and his families discovery of Bulk Barn, Canada's Largest Bulk Food Retailer. It wasn't so big. - Redeemer Cup is coming up this weekend. What is the Redeemer Cup? Rick's wife is Brazilian and they were watching the World Cup and decided with the diversity in Utica, the Redeemer Cup was born. - All of the 16 teams consist of players that live here and each team has their own representation of cultures in the community. It's a great family event and is not just soccer, there is animals, face painting, clowns, and music. Website:


Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney

- As a mother of a Marine, it's the most important day of the year for her. She did have a long day of parades and enjoyed the events. - One thing discussed in the interview with her is the fact that Hanna won't debate her. - Campaign Advertisements discussed. - Claudia Tenney claims that she has the support and endorsement of the Conservative Party but did not have enough signatures to get on the Conservative Party Line. - We discussed the Bills that Hanna apparently would vote against the ban on late term abortion. - Benghazi Attacks issue was also discussed.

Olympic Medalist Erin Hamlin - In Studio

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Erin's been keeping busy and she has been based at home and traveling a bit. Everyone will remember where they were when she won the medal. - When Erin first got home it was crazier, but now things have calmed down a little bit and now she has begun her training. She'll get back on the Ice in September possibly in Norway. - Compensation as an Olympic athlete, even with a medal isn't as lucrative as other medals. - We discussed the upcoming event "Luge-A-Palooza" on Saturday June 7th 1-9 PM. It's a train ride that departs from Utica at 12pm. It's a Meet and Greet event that goes til 9pm and ends with a Firework Display. - Erin also discussed the sport of Luge and how it works. She also talked about the facilities in Russia and her experience there. - Last question Bill had was: "How is your golf game?" - Erin is awesome and we were honored to have her In Studio.

Bill Morehouse

- The first time we have spoken with Mr. Morehouse since November election. - The audit has showed that there is a surplus in the City of Utica under Mayor Palmieri. - Bill says they have excellent people on staff, but was there a mess in the books? - We also discussed with Bill the monies owed to The School District. - We discussed some of the health issues that Mr. Morehouse has faced. - Health benefits and salary promise has been kept according to him and he puts the salary money back in to City Hall and other refurbishments. There is a file kept of money Bill Morehouse has paid for these items.

Dr. Mike Smalley - Religion

- Before we spoke with Dr. Smalley, we took time to wish our very own Jeff Monaski a Happy Birthday! He's 31. - Dr. Mike Smalley was on to discuss a survey that reveals people lie about their church attendance. - He feels a lot of it might bu guilt. - He gave an interesting point about people who are worshiping through different outlets like podcasts and television programming. - Bill asks which religion has it right, and Dr. Smalley says Christianity.

Some Calls From Listeners

- Tom calls up to tell a story about his dinner over the weekend. Someone paid for his meal at a restaurant and he wanted to thank the woman. - William called up to talk about Bill's hotel experience.