Monday, September 14th, 2015

6 AM Hour

A wild NFL weekend saw the Giants get shocked on Sunday Night Football. The Mets win again. A bizarre bazaar story. And, have you heard with Syracuse Bishop Robert Cunningham will some surprising comments on sexual abuse cases.

Checking the poll numbers. Hillary continues to drop with Trump still rising. If not Hillary, could Bernie Sanders be the Democratic nominee?

Keeler knows someone who may legitimately be stranded overseas. We're trying to reach him with an overseas phone number.

More on this former Utica native who is trying to get home. Is this a real request. We're trying to make sense of it all.

7 AM Hour

A huge grill was stolen from a church parking lot locally. It happened at First Presbyterian Church in Ilion. Richard Rotundi of the Ilion Boy Scouts joins us.

Utica GOP primary candidates for mayor on the phone - Ernie Sanita and Lou LaPolla. Sanita has questions about the ballot he was on, and very low turnout in the city.

We finally connect with Jeff Spilka, who says he needs money to get home to Utica from the Philippines. Plus, Tim Reed from the Boilermaker has details on the upcoming BOOlermaker.

8 AM Hour

We're getting reaction from our phone call with Jeff Spilka. Plus, Steve Mitchell of Business Machines and Equipment on this week's Tech Circle at the Utica Chamber Business Expo.

Ron Moshier from the Utica OD talks high school football week 2.

Phil Creighton and Andrea Gaffney of our TSM team highlight a pair of spooky events coming up for Halloween season.

Stump Rondenelli. But first, audio of Donald Trump's appears on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.