Thursday, June 16th, 2016


6 AM Hour

Gun control talk has taken over discussion in Congress.  Where do you stand?

Seth Myers has banned Donald Trump from his show - although he probably would not have come on anyway - as long as he bans the "Washington Post."

Fox News' Simon Owen was embedded on the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman.  He joins us to talk about the fight against ISIS.

Has Bernie's burn sizzled?

We briefly discuss the death of a retired Utica police officer whose body was found in Herkimer.

Is a outside-of-the-area blogger's assessment of Utica - and the criticism that it is a community that should be shunned because of its acceptance of refugees - fair?  Of course not, Keeler says.  Kristine says she will be an ambassador for Utica when she goes to Mississippi.


Dan from Utica tries to win Joe Hobika's money in today's Free Money Question of the Day.  He wins a gift certificate from Carmella's Cafe in New Hartford and we spend more time talking about vodka than any other radio show this morning.

7 AM Hour

We discuss control.  Should those on the no-fly list be denied gun permits?    Chuck in Ilion and Jack in Utica call in with their thoughts.

Recycling - and illegal recycling - initiates a conversation about the value of recycling.

Happy Birthday to:

  • Sister de Paul Juliano
  • Madison Greco from Newport
  • Vinny Salerno from Utica
  • Richie Zysk from Yorkville

We discuss more on the alligator story from Orlando, Florida.

Joe from Clark Mills tries to win money in another Free Money Question of the Day.


GOP NY-22 Primary candidate George Phillips joins us to give us his thoughts after the WIBX and WUTR debates that took place earlier this week.  Of the discussion that took place on the Keeler show yesterday, Phillips says that he will let ech candidate speak for himself or herself.  He agrees that some of his supporters have been pictured on mailers sent out by a group that is lobbying against Tenney.  He also shares his feelings on gun control following yesterday's Democratic filibuster in Congress.

8 AM Hour

Mark in Rome tries to win $300 in another Free Money Question of the Day.

Bryan Ehlinger from Oneida Healthcare joins us to talk about open positions at Oneida Healthcare.  They are part of the CNY Online Job Fair.

Utica Common Councilman Samantha Colossimo Testa is in with Rocco Cornacchia to talk about a golf benefit, the East Utica Classic, which will benefit a local family.

John Naegele from McCraith Beverages is in with Cold Brew Coffee Lager.  He also weighs in on the proposed federal background check requirement being debated in Congress.








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