Thursday, May 26th, 2016


6 AM Hour

The political scene continues to be exciting and we talk about the big local news.

We talk the story Kristine broke about the local pediatricians severing ties with the Mohawk Valley Health System effective July first.

Listener "Sandy" calls in to say that she works in healthcare and there is a lack of pediatric surgeons in this area.  She says that area primary care doctors of pediatric patients see their patients once they have admitted to local hospitals, but this will obviously change.

Tony Colon calls in to talk about the red lawn signs that say, "St. Lukes Listens to its Nurses."  He says that he discovered several years ago that ER's may be subcontracted out to third-party systems.  WIBX will continue to look more into this story.  He says that the story is "very concerning" to him, especially as a grandparent.

Keeler says, " The less you say the more other people surmise."

A listener texts Producer Andrew and says that she does not have a problem with having to go to Golisano Children's Hospital.

7 AM Hour

We talk more about our top news story of the day, the Mohawk Valley Health System and efforts to quash a bill that would have extended the statute of limitations on child molestation cases.

Happy Birthday to:

  • Peg Labarge from Clinton
  • Phil Rubiyor from Woodgate
  • Fritz Scherz from Verona

The certificate for a birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica goes to Peg.  Congratulations!

Jerry from Herkimer tries to win today's Free Money Question of the Day.  He wins a gift certificate from Carmela's Cafe in New Hartford.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi joins us to talk about the blocked bill that would have extended the statute of limitation for child molesters.  But first he addresses the pediatric issue with Mohawk Valley Health System.

Caller Kathy asks Assemblyman Brindisi a question about fuel.

Brindisi says that ethics reform and Uber-related legislation are expected to be among the key issues during the nine remaining days of this legislative session.  He also talks about the Canal Corporation's management of the water flow at the Hinckly Reservoir.  "In my opinion the Canal Corporation cares more about the (concerns of the power corporation)" and less about the residents and recreational users of the reservoir.  "If the Canal Corporation gets its act together," he says, the water concerns regarding Nano Utica will be "fine."


8 AM Hour

22nd Congressional District Candidate Steven Wells is in studio.









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