Thursday, May 29th, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- A woman in a BMW accused of shoplifting causes a raucous and hit a security guard and another car. The incident took place at Sangertown Square Mall.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

- Thomas Golisano is former owner of the Sabres and he also ran for Governor. He will bid on the Buffalo Bills according to reports. There also is a ban on Bon Jovi. People are calling him Ban Jovi.

- The reason for Ban Jovi is he may be interested in buying the team and moving it to Canada.

- Edward Snowden did an exclusive interview with NBC's Brian Williams. This whistle blower is a hero to some and others, including Bill, believe he was smug and a traitor.


- Media outlets go to question the business that sold the guns to Eliot Rodgers.

- An American was involved in a suicide bombing and he's the first American history to ever do it.

- How long until suicide bombings begin occurring in the States?

*Before the news it was announced that Plate Night will not air a new episode today. The restaurant was supposed to be Charlie's, but due to a death in the family taping was delayed. New material from restaurants thus far will be put together for a compilation.


- Yesterday was Bill's daughter's birthday.

- NSA and Edward Snowden discussion continues. Jeff and Bill are split.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives his weather forecast and the early clouds will clear and make way for sunshine.


- Bill does not feel that the government should make you wear your seat belt or have other controls like that.

- Reverend Al Sharpton apparently can't read the teleprompter.

Jeff Monaski's Sports:

Tim Reed - The Boilermaker Shadow Run

- Is the NSA listening to the Boilermaker's conversations?

- Before we got to Tim Reed, we talked to a few callers.

- Tim gives a little insight into Ed Snowden's resume.

- One listener calls up and claims that there was a time that Claudia Tenney was considering switching parties when running for a judge position.

Tim Reed For Real Now!

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Tim and the staff are still in the old building and are getting closer to moving into the new building.

- There will again be a Shadow Run over seas and this time, for the first time, it will take place in Kuwait.

- They try and run the same time and same day, but the temperatures there are a lot worse.

- The Boilermaker is providing a chill towel, which cools you off by 20 degrees. They are providing 250 of them overseas and they will be on sale at the EXPO as well.

David Short - Utica DPW Commissioner

- Nancy Ford has brought it to our attention that Rosco Conkling Park is in rough shape.

- We are talking to David to clear some stuff up.

- Rosco Conkling park, especially at the Eagle is a maintenance challenge. It's high up on a hill and equipment is difficult to get up there. Funding is also a challenge.

- Age and wear and tear is to blame for the condition of the Eagle and it would be an expensive project.

- We discussed a man who volunteered his time to help with parks around the city. His name was Ray Vatucci, who will have a pavilion dedicated in his name. The timeline is unknown.

- The needs in the DPW are dramatic and the wish list is big, but there just isn't enough money.


Scottie Nell Hughes - News Director of TPNN

- She believes that a movement such as the Tea Party isn't like a sporting event it can't be judged in columns with wins or losses.

- It's a movement that, according to her, is growing and is starting to influence Republican Primary candidates.

- Scottie is fiery! She believes that the Conservative party will defeat John McCain.

- She would partially agree with Bill about the fact that Democrats could be somewhat of an ally.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage


Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media


-Craft Beer of the Week:Founder's Rubaeus

- It's a Raspberry flavored beer and it's delicious!


Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

- Great summer beer and people are using it in many different ways including ice cream floats, mixing with stouts, and other deserts.

- We also discussed with Naegele the story of the ten beers you shouldn't drink.

Senator Phil Boyle (R) - District 4 - Heroin Task Force

- Senator Boyle is the chairperson of the State Senate Heroin Task Force.

- The problem is that drug cartels are making this drug more pure and cheaper. The cartel is evil but smart.

- One of the goals is getting insurance companies to help with treatment and resources for law enforcement agencies.

- There is a drug that is being developed that could help with overdoses is Naloxone (Narcan). It could totally wake someone up from an overdoes.

- The debate is people may be more willing to try it if there is Narcan available.

- Martin calls in to comment.

Wrapping It Up

- Bill was in his pool and it was half full. He has a light in there. He taped himself to test the electric current of the light to prevent electrocution.

- Also Bill is having issues with dogs barking in his neighborhood which is leading to other issues. He is looking into an electric bark collar. What is the opinion on this.

- Listeners call up to comment on the topic.