Thursday, October 20th, 2016

6 AM Hour

- Recapping last night's final Presidential Debate. Fox's Rachel Sutherland joins us, and caller Tom defends Trump's answer on whether or not he'll accept the election results. Keeler strongly disagrees.

- Tom has stayed on the line through the break and continues to make the argument that Trump shouldn't just blindly accept the election results.

- We catch up with a caller Ron who comes from a military family and wanted to chime in on the presidential campaign and election. He is not supporting Trump

7 AM Hour

- Joe Load in studio discussing last night's debate, and we talk more caller reaction.

Our FREE Money Question of the Day is worth $500 today. In American debate history, was there a candidate who ever said 'Read my lips. No new taxes'. If so, who said it?

The answer - The statement was not made during a debate. But it was George H.W. Bush.

Congressman Richard Hanna on the air saying he was 'stunned' to hear Trump's comments on accepting the election results, and said it's an insult to our democracy. Hanna thinks Trump is already making excuses for his upcoming loss. He added that last night's debate was embarrassing to watch. He also again took the aim at Claudia Tenney - one of three candidates vying to replace him.

8 AM Hour

Touching base with our Better Beer Man John Naegele. He brought in some Clementine Pale Ale from Saranac. With Naegele is Kevin Sullivan from Saranac with news on tomorrow's Hop-tober Fest. It's happening at the brewery tomorrow from 1 to 5. The cost is $10 and includes your first beer.

Naegele, Kevin Sullivan and Joe Load (WIBX)
Naegele, Kevin Sullivan and Joe Load (WIBX)

Oneida County Court Judge candidate Rob Bauer in studio.

New Hamilton College President David Wippman joins us by phone. He start in July but was just inaugurated earlier this month.

Catching up with one of Keeler's childhood heroes. Former Mohawk Valley Comets,  goalie Jim Park

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