Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Today we will talk to Bruce Karam from Utica City Schools about budget and Standardized Testing. We will also talk with Hamilton College Director of Media Relations Vige Barrie and Trooper Jack Keller about yesterday's bomb threat.

***Today’s Topics***


- Another beautiful day on the way today. Yesterday there was a bomb threat and suspected shooter at Hamilton College.


- Marco Rubio has announced his candidacy for President and Dennis Quaid goes off! Tim calls up to make a comment about Claudia Tenney.


- We start off chatting with Ray Stagich about our weather forecast for today! It's going to be a nice one.


- Today is Standardized Test Day and the number of kids who will be opting out is astounding!

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- Before we talk to John, we talk about how a Chess Master was cheating. We talk to John about Hillary and Marco Rubio announcing their candidacy. John talks also about the standardized testing.

Zogby on Keeler: Is Cuomo Trying to Destroy Teachers' Unions?

Vige Barrie - Hamilton College

- Vige is the Director of Media Relations at Hamilton and she's on to give us an update from yesterday's events.

The Music Game and Bruce Karam

- We play The Music Game with Scott in North Utica. He gets a little help from Bruce on the contest.

- We also talk to Mr. Karam about New York State testing, 'Opt Out,' and the school budget.

Trooper Jack Keller - NYS Police

- Before we talk to Trooper Keller, we talk about a few crazy news stories including the exploding manhole cover in Buffalo, a crazy family reunion and a cute kid video. Trooper Jack Keller gives us an update on the bomb threat yesterday at Hamilton College.

Scot and Jill Hayes - New York Sash

- Scot and Jill will be participating in the Ride For Missing Children and they have a unique way of raising funds. They talk about what the Ride is about and their Fund-Raising will be with a program called "Hire-A-Hayes."

Joe Saba - Assistant District Attorney

- Joe is running for City Court Judge in the City of Utica and before we talk to him, we talk about the story of the airline worker who got locked in the cargo hold.