Tuesday, August 19th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Can you imagine being 96-years-old and still showing up to work every day? Don Pardo was still working and he has passed away at the ago of 96. He was still doing the job be did for so many years.

- He worked for NBC for 31 years before he was hired to do NBC.

- Kristine gives us the update on the Ferguson, MO situation. Overnight many people were arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails and firing shots at Police.

- The family of Michael Brown commissioned an autopsy and it was found that he was shot 6 times.

- Many people are coming from outside the area to loot and protest. Masks are being worn.

- Another autopsy reports that he had weed in his system which may have caused him to act "crazy."

- Wayne calls in to give his opinion on the situation.


- Later this morning we will talk with Steve Hauck about the militarization of police forces across the country, especially in Ferguson.

- Jeff wanted to clear up the fact that he did not agree with the caller about every time a black person gets shot it's about race.

- We will also discuss the Remington Arms layoffs after the news.


- The weather forecast is looking good for the week. When the fog clears today it should get up into the 80s.

- Bill can't understand people who can't tell the truth. 23-year-old Alex Lancaster is a woman from England who was supposed to be married to an American man, but he got cold feet and called up as his father to tell her Tucker killed himself.

- After listening to her confessional video we determine that this was fake!

Ray Staigch - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us the good news about the weather coming up and the weekend is looking even better.

- Andrew interrupts with a scream when Ray mentions hot temperatures in Nashville.

- Ray gives us a bonus day forecast.


- $245,340...What is it? It will cost you this much if you ______________. According to the most recent study it will cost the middle income family to raise a child born in the year 2013.

- If you factor in inflation and are from the North East, it will cost a little over $300,000.

- Don Pardo has passed away and he originally in his career did Price Is Right, Jeopardy, and was in the live booth at NBC and announced to NBC listeners that JFK had been shot.

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- Lt. Hauck is on the phone today to talk to us about the latest updates from Ferguson.

- Lt. Hauck talks about the recent change law enforcement weaponry and equipment.

- He recalls a bank robbery in LA in which two men were dressed in full body armor and it led to a huge gun battle in the streets.

- Lt. Hauck goes over the reasons as to why a police officer would shoot an unarmed person.

- Police are trained to shoot to stop the threat. That could mean a number of different things. Sometimes it's just one round that is needed. It depends on a persons physical make-up, weight, height, drug influence.

- If the people in Ferguson want justice, the best thing to do is let justice take it's course.

Leon and Romy

- Leon and Romy are on today to talk about the show they will be on called 'Wizard Wars' on Syfy.

- The premise is basically a magic version of a cooking show, the contestants get certain objects that they then have to use to create an illusion.

- The show premieres tonight at 10pm on SYFY, but you can catch Leon and Romy's episode will be on in early September.

Rod Man - Last Comic Standing

- Rod Man is this seasons winner of Last Comic Standing.

- We talk to him about what's next for him, his inspirations and influences, and what his show experience was like.

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney

- We talk to her about her thoughts on the Remington Arms issue.

- She talks about the Safe Act and whether or not that is the real reason for the move of Remington to Alabama.

- Tenney believes that high taxes is one of the main reasons for big businesses leaving New York.

- She talks about Cuomo's reluctance to sit down and talk with and fight for Remington Arms, but he is wide open when it comes to talking about NANO.


- Senator Griffo is in studio and has accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge. He talks about the cause and how much awareness has been raised and money as well.

- Griffo will be participating in the challenge and donating in honor of Moose Townsend who passed away from ALS.

- Mayor Palmieri is on the phone to talk about the Fire Union contract agreements and other contract agreements.

- The mayor also talks about his city sweeps.

Assemblyman Marc Butler & Jon James

- Assemblyman Butler is on the phone and he's on today to discuss the layoffs at Remington Arms.

- Butler remembers throughout history that there have been some waves of hiring and layoffs, so he doesn't feel that there is time to panic yet, but the company has not yet given a real statement about Ilion.

- He believes that Remington Arms has moved to Alabama and moving these jobs because of the SAFE ACT.

- When Butler was at a Rally, Donald Trump showed up against the SAFE ACT and said that Remington Arms had closed. When Butler tried to approach him about that, however he did not want to.

- Senator Griffo is In Studio and he talks about getting together and bringing an economic proposal to Remington to show how good the workforce is.

- Jon James is an employee of Remington Arms, until the week it out. He is one of the 105 employees to be let go.

- He mentioned that they are accepting applications for those laid off to go to Alabama. Jon will probably not leave, because of his family here.

- He started in April of last year and he had always heard rumors about jobs being lost.

- He doesn't know what he is going to do, he is going to dig into the workforce and see what happens.

- Jon is also a musician and you can hear and contact him on

- Donna calls up and suggests that Jon should run for office. She believes that he has fire in his belly and will get it done.

- Malcolm calls up to ask Joe about small business. Griffo talks about the fact that recruiting new business is good, however we need to also retain current business.

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Senator Joe Griffo Completes The Ice Bucket Challenge!

- Senator Joe Griffo does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge live on the air outside our studios!