Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

6 AM Hour

What a mess? It's slippery out there. The fight to replace Justice Scalia. And, the Grammy's were last night

The Scalia death conspiracy theories are out there. And, is Elliot Spitzer in hot water again?

A Valentine's Day breakup video is going viral and are you affected by the Apple charger problems?

Concerns over antacid medicine and a FREE Money Question of the Day

7 AM Hour

Syracuse Hoops heating up. They're at Louisville tomorrow. And this sparks a discussion about college athletes and prostitutes

Tim Alberta is National Review's Chief Political Correspondent - How will Justice Scalia's death affect the presidential race

Reaction to the Grammy's last night - Taylor, Kanye, Adele and more

Our final pair of tickets to see Rain at the Stanley on March 7

8 AM Hour

Utica Fire Chief Brooks talks about a remembrance ceremony today Samuel Dove, a man who was born a slave in the South but went on to become a Utica Firefighter.

Holly Signorelli is a CPA and 'The Money Therapist'. The Pink Tax

RFA Grad Dr Sean Diehl is at the University of Vermont where is working to develop a vaccine for the Zika Virus

Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition is getting thicker. And, is this audio Hillary's Howard Dean Moment?

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