Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Today we will talk with an expert about Obama's budget, state policies changing things for parents of developmentally disabled children, and we will talk with Senator Griffo about the Senate's thoughts on Silver stepping down.

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***Today’s Topics***


- We discuss cold weather, Warren Sapp and Pete Carroll, Sheldon Silver is officially no longer speaker, and we chat about the latest Bill Clinton story.


- Mike Huckabee appeared on FOX and Friends and one of the hosts took him to task on his stance on women. Bruce Jenner will interview with Diane Sawyer to talk about his choice to transition. This leads to a discussion about Kim Kardashian's rear end.


- We play the audio from Mike Huckabee's comments on FOX News in regards to "lady-like" behavior.


- Bill continues the audio from the FOX News interview with Mike Huckabee and we play more audio. Did he declare war on New York women or women in general?


- We talk about an opponent of Putin and what he leaked online. We talk about Groundhog traditions and others like it. One Groundhog in Wisconsin bit the mayor's ear off.


- Amazon may buy Radio Shack and the OD did an article on Sangertown Square.

Matt Schlapp - Obama's Budget

- Before we get to Matt, we talk about the Celebrity Apprentice and how crazy a lot of the cast members are.

- Matt is the Chairman of the American Conservative Union. He is on to discuss Obama's $4 Trillion budget. He gives us his thoughts on the plan.


- Bill continues his discussion/issue with Celebrity Apprentice and corrects a mistake in the names of two female contestants.

Scot Hayes - New York Sash

- Scot is in today to talk about the Home Show this weekend at Turning Stone and all that New York Sash will have to offer there.

Kenneth Tokarsky - New State Policy Concerns

- Kenneth is joined by Patty Femia and Pat Vilello who are all parents of developmentally disabled people. One of the biggest concerns is that housing for developmentally disabled adults is at a low. For these parents, they need to know their kids will have somewhere to live when they are older. We're going to keep them on so they can talk with Senator Griffo.

Senator Joe Griffo - Sheldon Silver Resignation

- Senator Griffo is on to talk about Sheldon Silver's stepping down as Assembly speaker. We will also ask him about the issue of care for developmentally disabled people. We include Ken, Pat, and Patty in the discussion with Senator Griffo.

- We get some final thoughts from our concerned parents.


- We share some crazy news stories and give away dinner for 2 at Charlie's Pizza to wrap things up for the day!

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