Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Discussing latest in Oregon. And, Donald Trump's first campaign commercial is out along with numbers that show his biggest support may be coming from New York State.

Credit card chips - following up on our conversation from yesterday. This after a woman gets ripped off by a worker at Starbucks, whom she confronts about the fraud: via  Youtuber Brian Espinoza's site, shows a woman confronting a cashier whom the woman accuses of stealing her credit card information:

Fox's Tonya J Powers gives up a LIVE update on the 'standoff' in Oregon

Keeler tries to rundown some odd news stories but the commentary overshadows the moral of the story

7 AM Hour

Recapping last hour's weird news stories.

Debbie Georgatos on GOP candidates launching new initiatives in the New Year

FREE Money Question of the Day

Utica Police Lt Steve Hauck on mandatory shelter for homeless when it's freezing outside. It seems like  a nice idea but is it even constitutional? And, where will they go?

8 AM Hour

Mighty John The Record Guy with a unique top 10 list

Is the world coming to an end in 2016? Some say it is.

Keeler and Monaski still talking Making A Murder. Andrew reaches out to citizens in Manitowoc, WI.

Andrew makes a connection. We talk with a woman who believes the justice system got it right this time and Steven Avery is guilty.

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