Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Today we will speak with John Zogby on the latest Trump headlines, Upstate Aerials will also be in studio to talk about their business, and we will talk to both the candidate and former candidate for the 6th Ward Council seat in Utica.

6 AM Hour

- According to David Sweat, 'The Shawshank Redemption' was part of the influence for his escape method and has been talking about how he did it. What was Richard Matt's role? We also talk about the latest on the Adirondack Railroad latest.

- Donald Trump is making many people unhappy and is quickly losing support. He has been deemed unqualified for the job. He is catching flack for comments he made about John McCain.

- We talk about this Ashley Madison website and the list of subscribers that may be released. The hackers' demands are simple. They want the site shut down or they will release the list of subscribers.

- We are hyper-focused on the Ashley Madison website and Jeff reads another interesting review. We also talk about the professional surfer who punched a shark at a competition, and a woman gave birth in the car and her husband filmed the whole thing!

7 AM Hour

- Lt. Steve Hauck from the Utica Police Dept. is in studio to discuss synthetic urine and what it's purposes are. This was one of the items stolen during a robbery in Ilion. We also talk with him about drug use and people's carelessness with it.

- We talk to John Zogby about the latest on Donald Trump and his relationship with the GOP. Before we talk to John we play John McCain's audio from his reaction to Trump's comments. John speaks frankly on Trump and his methods. He also gives his thoughts on the Iran deal.

- Bill explains why this Ashley Madison list hack could negatively affect you even if you've never been on the site! We also talk with Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente about the ADK railroad issue and the meeting that was held last night.

- Sergio calls up to explain why he feels the Railroad should be left in tact and renovated for use in Lake Placid. We also have in studio Allen Stalker and Nick Betrus from Upstate Aerials. They are a new business specializing in drone photography and videography.

8 AM Hour

- Doug Joslin is in studio this morning to discuss his frustration with being thrown off the ballot on the democratic line. He is still on the Conservative line, but he reads a statement why he should be elected to the Common Council. Joe Hobika weighs in.

- We hear from Samantha Colosimo-Testa about her response to Doug Joslin's concerns and she is on to talk about some things that have been going on in the city that have been beneficial.

- We play everyone's favorite game, Stump Rondenelli! We also play audio again from John McCain's reaction to Donald Trump's comments. William also calls in with some interesting comments.

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