Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

We have been playing it for weeks, today the Keeler "Hillary Home Security System"  debuts online.

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6 AM Hour

It is a big primary day.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was stumping for Donald Trump in Florida.  Palin came to the Trump rally in the afternoon after cancelling an appearance earlier in the day because her husband, Todd Palin, was in intensive care after a snowmobile accident.

Is weight loss guru Richard Simmons being held hostage?  He called The Today Show to say that he is fine.

We talk about NBC's "The Voice," where local favorite Ryan Quinn won is battle round.


Someone has a chance to win Joe Hobika's money in the Hobika Law Firm's Free Money Question of the Day...and Jason, a/k/a "Big Honey" from Hecla, New York doesn't get the money but does get dinner at Carmella's Cafe in New Hartford!


We talk about politics.  A heckler accuses Marco Rubio of trying to steal his girlfriend.

Is there a bias in our studio?  Keeler is anti-Trump.  But where do Monaski and Andrew stand?  Kristine won't say because...she is the only newsie in the studio, so she can't.  Is she for Hillary Clinton?  Andrew laughs.

Caller Donna chimes in to defend Trump.

7 AM Hour

Keeler and Monaski debate the number of teams in the NCAA tournament which, Keeler proves, is 68.

Mary Angelini, Andrew's sister, is reviewing the best ice cream spots in Central New York.  Keeler reveals his favorite ice cream: "Trumps Along the Mohawk."  He says he particularly enjoys its nuttiness.

  1. Bonomo's - Mary says she loves their cookie dough.
  2. The Ice Cream Factory
  3. Nicky Doodles
  4. Hoopla
  5. the ice cream place next to Slocum Dickson (maybe the Burrstone Creamery)

Fox News Radio's Tonya J. Powers joins us to discuss the NCAA Tourney.  Does worker productivity go down while employees are participating in bracket challenges?

[NON-EDITOR's NOTE: This portion of Show Notes may be incomplete because of the fact that the staff was not paying attention to this portion of the show while Tonya was giving a bracket lesson.]


Happy birthday to:

  • Dean Cross from Utica
  • Cara Procio from Utica
  • Jane Rooney from Floyd

The birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica goes to Dean Cross.

Central New York pediatrician Dr. Marc Ritter is on to talk about the new electronic prescription requirement for physicians in New York State.  The law goes into effect on March 27, 2016.

Dr. Ritter has a gripe with a particular telephone service provider.  He said that he needs a static IP address and is frustrated with what he says is a lack of customer service from the company.  He says that the problem has since been fixed but he is still frustrated.  We will ask someone from Verizon to come on the show.

Al in Utica competes for the Free Money Question of the Day.

The Ride for Missing Children is coming up.

We are joined in studio by Edward Suk, Executive Director of NCMEC New York Executive Director and Robert "Bob" Hoever, Director of Special Programs to talk about training for law enforcement regarding missing children with special needs.

8 AM Hour

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin stumped for Trump yesterday.  Do his supporters approve of her?  Does it matter?

Vernon Downs is holding its annual job fair.  Ursula Maunder joins us to talk about the facility's openings in anticipation of the spring racing season.  The job fair takes places on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 and Sunday, March 20, 2016.

We listen to the 911 call during the Kalamazoo shootings, allegedly by Uber driver Jason Dalton.  Six people were killed in the shooting spree last month.


Tony's AUDelicious owner Frank Cristiano is on to talk politics, the elections...and the possible sale of AUDelicious.  He says that he needs to focus more on his family.  He also has a bracket challenge going on at Tony's AUDelicious in Washington Mills.

New York Mills High School Boys Basketball Head Coach Michael Adey, who also coached in the Cops vs. Celebrities Basketball Game, is announcing his retirement.  He will join us on tomorrow's show.  His son, Brian Adey, also coaches at the school.

Keeler thinks that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is being held hostage by the Trump campaign.

Should former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin be by her husband's side or next to Trump, continuing to stump?

Keeler asks callers what things their mother told them that turned out not to be true.  63-Year-old (yes, that is pertinent) Dawn gives us a doozy.  And we really cannot recover after that one...

Enjoy your day!


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