Solve the Uber Driver Shortage With These 3 Quick Solutions
Some parts of the country are experiencing a shortage of Uber and Lyft drivers, making it almost impossible to get a ride when you need one. The ride sharing shortage is definitely a problem in Utica, Rome and the Mohawk Valley, and while the companies are trying to recruit new drivers, there are so…
State Budget
Lawmakers in New York state passed a $168.3 billion state budget in the early hours Saturday that includes surcharges on taxi, Uber and Lyft rides in Manhattan and a new state sexual harassment policy written following the #MeToo movement.
Ride Hailing-Congestion
One promise of ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft was fewer cars clogging city streets. But studies suggest the opposite: that ride-hailing companies are pulling riders off buses, subways, bicycles and their own feet and putting them in cars instead.

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