Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Bill saw “Rain,” The Beatles tribute band at The Stanley Theater in Utica.

The gang discusses the young man from Clinton, New York who is taking “The Voice” by storm.

We are giving away tickets to comedian Tracy Morgan’s appearance at the Turning Stone.

Fox News’ Jeff Monosso, in Michigan this week, joins us to talk about the elections.

A listener, Ernie DeCola re-worked a jungle that he made long ago for Bill Keeler now on WIBX.

DeCola is joined by Bob Conte on drums and Sam Saponaro on guitar.

Bill received an e-mail from listener Ken who was livid yesterday after an incident.  He says that he was on Commercial Drive near the intersection of Henderson.  He said that he saw two dogs in the back of a pickup truck and, when the driver took off, one of the dogs fell out of the truck.  He said that the dog was dazed and went over to scoop up the dog and another gentleman scooped up the dog.  The owner eventually went back to get the dog.  He estimates that the dog weighed about 25 pounds.

Peyton Manning made an emotional retirement speech yesterday, saying he has “no regrets.”  He said, “God bless all of you and God bless football.”  He also makes reference to allegations that were made against him regarding accusations of an alleged assault when he was 19.

We discuss Erin Andrews' successful $55-million lawsuit against a hotel chain after the chain allegedly facilitated the videotaping of her through a peephole by her stalker.

7 AM Hour

Central New York's Ryan Quinn got a four-chair turn on NBC's "The Voice."

Allen Thayer, Sr. and Tim Trent join us to talk about the changes coming to the West Side Senior Center in Utica.  Barb Mickler has retired as president of the center, which will now be known as "The West Side Senior and Community Center."  They also discuss the Rust to Green initiative.

Political analyst John Zogby joins us.  Bernie Sanders is not going down without a fight.  Bernie was supposed to be a message candidate," Zogby says, and now Sanders is winning states.  Monaski listened to Zogby on Money Talk with Bob Brinker this weekend.

Zogby discusses the impact of age and perceived authenticity in this election and the potential fate of the Republican party.  "It is not winner takes all" today, he says.  John  Kasich, he says, is on the verge of pulling ahead in Ohio.  Of the GOP Zogby says, "There is a lot of disdain and disgust for the party within the party....This is a recipe for the party falling apart."

What is going on?  Keeler is inspired by seeing Rain at the Stanley Theater last night and is now playing Beatles music on WIBX - Keeler, this is a news talk station, remember?

Jeff Monaski wants to know what is going on? He's just the boss....Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino
Jeff Monaski wants to know what is going on? He's just the boss....Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino

He says that everyone should write a letter to Broadway Utica to thank the group for bring shows like "Rain" to Utica.

Jay from West Winfield enters for a chance to win our Free Money Question of the Day...and wins!

We are giving away Tracy Morgan tickets.  A listener is invited to call in and convince Keeler that he or she really wants the tickets and will use them.

Ryan Quinn knocked it out of the park on "The Voice."

Caller Ray calls in and wins the Tracy Morgan tickets.

8 AM Hour

Peyton Manning was emotional when he announced his retirement from football.  Omaha. 'Nuf said.  Manning said he lvoed the game, "Every frame of film I watched was about one thing: reverence for this game."

Maria Sharapova is being criticized for failing a drug test for using a banned substance.  Monaski says that it appears that she was taking it for a medical condition.  He says in other sports substances may be permitted that are not permitted in tennis.  The gang agrees that there may be a double standard with respect to women in sports and possibly in tennis.  Bocce players, Keeler says, get away with a lot.

Sharapova says that she does not want to end her career, but hopes that she will be given a second chance.  She made fun of the carpet at her Los Angeles hotel where the press conference was held, saying that a lot of people thought that the press conference was being held to announce her retirement.  She said that if she were announcing her retirement she would not make it at a hotel with an ugly carpet.

We talk about  a teacher in South Carolina who is teaching his students to use good manners.  They dress up once a week and are learning proper etiquette.

A 25-year-old woman in Houston may have caused an accident because she had climbed up on top of a tractor trailer and began dancing naked.  We listen to the 911 call.

Mark Ford from Val Bialis Ski Center joins us to talk about how the winter - or non-winter has affected his business at the ski resort and how he plans to make up for it this summer.

He says a lot of work was done in preparation for this year's winter but there was no snow.  He has managed Val Bialis for six years.  He says the first two years were snowy.  Since then, however, it has been all downhill.  He says that they are $100,000 away from reaching a break-even point.

We'll have another Free Money Question of the Day before we wrap things up on a Tuesday morning.

"The Chief" calls in and says that he watched the Erin Andrews video about fifty-five million times.

Jim Rondenelli joins us with a live update from the Oneida County State of the County address.  He says it is standing room only at the Radisson in Utica.  Rondenelli says Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente's speech is about seventeen pages long.

Al Zeina joins us to do the drawing for the WIBX Heart Radiothon and America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk weekend.  Bonnie C. wins catering for four from Zeina's Cafe on Varick Street in Utica.


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