Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

6 AM Hour

'Daddy Update'. Lil Monaski spent his first night at home. Plus, Bill's Bills were close but no cigar against the still unbeaten Patriots.

Check-in on the 2016 Presidential races. More thoughts on Trump's Muslim database.

Watch Grateful Man Buy 400 Troops a Meal
Watch Grateful Man Buy 400 Troops a Meal

Keeler loves this damn pillow, "My Pillow." And, and update on the Turkish government shooting down a Russian jet.

Throwing it back: Twas The Night Before Utica Christmas makes its first appearance of the season. Plus, someone has a great idea about holiday/Christmas/special event lights year round

7 AM Hour

FREE Money Question of the Day. WOW! The answer shocked Monaski.

Crazy news stories of the day. One of them prompts a discussion about what EBT/SNAP cards and what you can or should be allowed to purchase with them.

We're apparently having some phone issues today. Or, Andrew is just making up guests.

Joel Barkin, VP of communications at Turning Stone, says the state should deny LAGO gaming license

8 AM Hour

FOX News Correspondent, Rachel Sutherland, on all things Trump. He continues to say things that one may think would hurt him in the polls. But, it's not hurting his campaign

Beatles' 'White Album' copy 0000001 is going up for auction. What will it fetch? Plus, Adele continues to ascend as a record setting artist. And, rumors of a Charlie Sheen sex tape with a twist, and 10 weird facts about Thanksgiving

FREE Money Question. Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft all say governments need to rethink their concerns with encrypted messages and information

Bobby Edwards, CEO of the Squatty Potty. Sounds a bit strange but some, including our very own Andrew, says this can be life changing.

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