Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

6 AM Hour

The proposed housing development behind the Utica AUD is on hold it seems. The Utica OD has the story, but Keeler is hearing the project has been dead for a while. Also, we discuss the news that broke yesterday about the daughter of the Herkimer College President. Colleen McColgin has been charged with murder. The ValleySide broke the story first yesterday.

Caller Brian says he lives in a complex acquired by an outside developer. The thought is they would renovate the units to make for higher end housing for Nano Utica employees.

Stephanie is leaving the area because she hates the cold! Steph and Keeler parody 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'

Jeopardy contestant who was battling cancer died just before her episodes were about to air. Cindy Stowell won over $100,000 while taping the show this summer. Stowell passed away earlier this month - story here.

7 AM Hour

Lenny DePaul is a former U.S. Marshal who grew up in the Utica area and went to VVS High School. He was formerly on the A&E show 'Manhunters' and is currently featured on the second season of the History Channel's 'Hunting Hitler'. Soon, he will also appear on the program on CBS called 'Hunted.'

Michael Amadori is the man behind Doggy Bag Treats from Full Circle Feed. They use meats, veggies, fruits and other food leftover from the buffet at Turning Stone to create dog treats, which he says is more healthy that many of the offering you'll find in the store.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says the Purcell deal regarding a housing development behind the Utica AUD is dead and has been dead for some time.

NYS DOT spokesman Jim Piccola on to clear up something we'd heard mentioned before - subways in Utica? He says it's true. But it's not exactly what you may think.

8 AM Hour

Lou Poccia is a big Donald Trump supporter who is looking to make a Trump banner go airborne. But he needs a little help. He's on to talk about it.

John Tomassi is with the Upstate Transportation Association. He's concerned about a lack of safety and screening measures when it comes to Uber drivers.

From the Whitesboro High School Chorus. Teacher Sarah DePalma brought in Josh Abbe and Jenna Casper performing and they were AWESOME

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