Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Today we speak with the Gabby Cabby about True Tales from New York City and we speak with Lt. Steve Hauck of the UPD and Anthony Picente about the train accident at Union Station.

6 AM Hour

- There was a train accident in Utica yesterday evening and there are many theories and rumors as to why it happened, but it did cause some severe damage to both Union Station and the surrounding area. Donald Trump continues to add fuel to his own fire.

- A man who won the lottery was actually struck by lighting and the odds of both of those things happening are pretty astronomical. We also talk about Donald Trump giving Lindsey Graham's cell phone number out. We get some calls from listeners on Trump and the power of lighting.

- Bill readdresses the call from Pete about Donald Trump and talks about career politicians. Mario calls in to talk about the train derailment in Utica and to give some insight on that.

- Peter Franklin is the Gabby Cabby and he delivers to us his weekly True Tales from New York City. We talk about many interesting stories including a story about Bill de Blasio's secretary getting a "special invitation" from Bill Clinton.

7 AM Hour

- Governor Cuomo may through a loophole raise the minimum wage for food workers to $15/hour without any other approval from the legislature. We get some heated comments on it.

- We talk with John Pollock is a Financial Strategist and he talks about the average cost of a child. By the time they are out of college and married, it will cost more than $200,000. He also comments on the ramifications of an increase in minimum wage.

- We play a game and ask listeners to guess who the singer is singing "This Land Was Made For You and Me." Tony calls up with the correct guess.

- We talk with Mighty John the Record Guy about the Top Ten Big Money 45s. He gives a range of worth from $500 to $20,000!

8 AM Hour

- Lt. Steve Hauck is on with us this morning to talk about the train accident and gives a description of what actually happened. He describes what route the train car took. Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente joins the conversation and talks about the tragedy that was avoided.

- We talk with FOX News Correspondent Eben Brown about a Florida gun shop owner who has decided to refuse service to Muslim Americans. He feels Islam is a religion that promotes violence and he will have no part in it. Lt. Steve Hauck weighs in on the issue and gun control.

- We get comments on Sam Colosimo-Testa's comments yesterday and Stefan calls up to talk about the minimum wage. Dean and Adam Skelos were both offered a deal and they had refused. There may even be additional charges. Mario also calls in to weigh in on the Sam Colosimo-Testa issue.

- Mario continues with his thoughts on the "I Love Utica" band-wagon and Joe Load calls up to give his thoughts.

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