Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

6 AM Hour

It was a big primary night.  Monaski's Marco Rubio is out.  Jeb Bush got two percent of the vote in Florida.

We continue the conversation about New York Mills coach Michael Adey's retirement announcement.

E-Scripts is happening March 27th.

We talk about the Ilion man who has admitted sending pornographic text messages to a man who turned out to be her father.  Keeler says that he knows the family involved and would never imagine this happening to them.  WIBX is not releasing the names of those involved in order to protect the innocent.



Trump was victorious in Tuesday's big primaries.  A Trump supporter was at the Marco Rubio concession speech and Rubio appears to have handled it well.

Convicted sexual offender and former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle was apparently beaten in prison in January.

We speak with Jeff Monosso from Fox News.  Does Ohio Governor John Kasich have a chance?  Mathematically Kasich would have to win one hundred percent of all of the delegates from this point forward.  No one can predict what will happen next in this race. Keeler says even John Zogby said predictions at this point are a toss-up.


Caller Michael tries to win today's Free Money Question of the Day.  Howard Cosell was the host of the original "Saturday Night Live," on ABC.  NBC's show of the same name was not able to debut until the ABC show went off the air.

Does Keeler's Cosell impression sound more like the Count from "Sesame Street?"

Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, joins us.  Kim Jung-Un, the president of North Korea, says he plans to bomb New York City.

This is the last year that the elephants will parade through the streets of New York City. Peter's wife, he tells us, is from Sri Lanka and he said that he and his wife participate in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus and there is no mistreatment of elephants there.  He says her family has elephants and she would be the first to speak up if she thought that the circus was mistreating the elephants.

We talk about the waiter who gave away free product at IHOP.

The New York primary takes place on April 19, 2016.



7 AM Hour

New York Mills High School Head Basketball Coach Mike Adey joins us to talk about the fact that he is retiring.  He says that he loves his kids.  "It's why coaches stick around."  He gets emotional and says that he has appreciated the fact that his son, Brian Adey, has been by his side for the past eighteen years.  He says that his son has turned into a fine coach himself.


Happy birthday to:

  • Christopher Moreland from Westmoreland
  • Annie Olender from Clinton
  • David Roy from Utica
  • Hayden Wlock from Utica

Congratulations to Annie Olender from Clinton who wins the gift certificate for a birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica!

Keeler introduces the Classic Picture Contest.  Listeners can win tickets too a Utica Comets game.

We speak with Ryan Quinn, the Clinton native on NBC's "The Voice."  He gives us an update - and does not spill the beans on what happens next on the musical reality show.

8 AM Hour

Willie Waffle joins us in studio.  Is the Keeler Classic Photo Contest a power play?

We talk more about the Ilion man who is facing up to 250 years in prison after admitting to tricking his daughter into sending nude photos of herself to him as he posed as a teenage boy online.

We talk real estate and tips for selling your home with Robin Mongeau of River Hills Properties.



Donna from Utica wins the Utica Comets tickets after correctly guessing the subject of the Keeler Classic Photo Contest, a soiled cup receptacle at the Stanley Theater in Utica.

For the record, Willie got the answer within minutes of walking into the studio.  We talk pictures, old theatres, and politics with him.

We speak with Curtis Busse of the Steven Avery Project.  He says that he believes that Steven Avery will not get a new trial but will be completely exonerated by new evidence in the case.

[EDITOR's NOTE: Curtis Busse and The Steven Avery Project is in no way affiliated with Kathleen Zellner or Steven Avery's defense team.]













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