When we told you about a local veteran from the Boonville, NY area who had his prosthetic eye stolen when his car was burglarized recently, many people were upset by the story and wanted to help.

This week, Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol joined us on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning to give us more details on the story. While he was here, a fundraising effort quickly came together on the show.

Estimated at $2,000 to replace the prosthetic eye, we pledged money in the studio and then phone lines lit up. This spontaneous effort to buy a replacement took on a life of its own, thanks to you. Our producer, Andrew, took calls for the final 90 minutes of the show on Tuesday. In that time, we were able to gather just shy of $1,800 in pledges. We started the show on Wednesday by giving that update.

Ed Welsh, the host of WIBX 950's AutoTalk, was in the building and after hearing how close we were, offered to pledge the difference to get the total to an even two-grand.

On behalf of all of us at WIBX, THANK YOU to all who pledged donations to get this local veteran a new ocular prosthetic! We'll give the money to Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol for it to be given to that local veteran.