Sometimes it's a case of procrastination that'll bite you in the butt. Other times, and in my case this Valentine's Day, it's a case of bad luck that'll cause you to have nothing to give your significant other with less than a week to go.

I ordered something from one of those online websites that pops up on your social media and you're always unsure if it's real. It looked like my package would arrive before Valentine's Day, but after I ordered, the estimated arrival was the week after Valentine's Day. When I went to check on the progress today, the company's website said that they had temporarily shut down production because of coronavirus concerns. Yikes.

So as I'm searching for a last-minute gift for my boyfriend that's not a complete flop, I found a bunch of unique, surprisingly cool gifts that you can still purchase for your significant other as the calendar nears February 14. So procrastinators and bad luck Leslies: shop away.

1. Jerky Heart - $34.99

The way to some men's hearts is meat. For any meat-lover, this savory Jerky Heart is sure to satisfy.

Credit: Man Crates


Who doesn't love breakfast food, especially when it's miniature and in the dainty shape of a heart? Get your boo this mini waffle maker so they can cook (and eat) their heart out. Maybe they'll even share.

Credit: DASH via Amazon


Nothing says 'I love you' like a basket full of self-care items. I'm talking bath bombs and face masks. You can get enough for both of you and share a night in watching movies and getting your relaxation on. If you don't know where to start with face masks, these ones are heavenly and a must for a weekday night.

Credit: Que Bella
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If your significant other is hard to shop for or they just love animals, here's a perfect Valentine's Day gift for them. The Utica Zoo is selling enrichment gifts for their animals. You can buy a Valentine Card Enrichment for $10, a Flower or Plant Enrichment for $25, or a Heart-Shaped Enrichment for $50. Your significant other will get a card so they know which zoo animal received a special treat in their honor, and you can go watch the animals get their treats this Friday at the zoo. Order your enrichment gift before February 12 here.

photo courtesy of Utica Zoo


If your goal this year is to be less material and make more memories, an experience is the perfect gift for your significant other this Valentine's Day. Plan a day to go wine-tasting at the oldest winery in America, fulfill your fantasy at this Adirondack castle, or go ziplining high above the snow-covered New York trees. Whatever your adventure, you'll have the experience of a lifetime with the one you love. Find all our suggestions here.

Credit: NY Zipline at Hunter Mountain/Facebook