Japan – a leader in innovation in cars, electronics and, now, dining.

A fast food chain in the country called Freshness Burger has introduced the ‘Liberation Wrapper’ – it’s a wrapper you put over your mouth to disguise the fact you’re attacking your burger like a vegan coming off a two-month hunger strike.

The Liberation Wrapper arose because Japan values something called ‘ochobo,’ which is the belief that a small mouth is beautiful, while a large one is ugly. That means women opening wide to dig into a scrumptious burger is a social no-no, while covering their mouths is encouraged more than a 'Godzilla' movie marathon.

Enter the Liberation Wrapper, which gave women the ability to take humongous bites without being judged. Consider the wrapper a hit. Since it was introduced, sales of Freshness Burger’s Classic Burger have jumped a mouth-gaping 213% among women

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