The recent bankruptcy sale of Remington Arms in Ilion has left employees in limbo. As the old company winds down the operation, employees who were recently furloughed have been caught in the middle.

Over this past weekend, employees began receiving a phone call, some live and some over voice mail, informing them that their employment was being terminated. The call listed several benefits that were being terminated as of October 31st, making several employees anxious over their future.

Below is a video that features one of those phone calls left on voicemail, informing the worker that his job was being terminated. In all, nearly all of union workers, nearly 600, were terminated. Some machinists and custodial employees were kept on. The call said that the shut down was temporary, making way for Roundhill group, the new owner, to assume operations of the company.

It's unclear what all of this means for the workers, who are expecting further communication soon. Roundhill has stated to media that they plan to bring the company back to its greatness, but will have to do so on a much smaller footprint in the beginning. It's believed about 400 workers will be needed when the new company takes over.

Currently, issues of vacation and sick time, tenure and seniority, 401K, the labor agreement and other benefits under the previous owner will also be terminated on October 31st.

Its not clear when Roundhill will assume the daily operations. In the meantime, workers were given the option to enroll in COBRA for their health insurance needs.


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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