Manchester, NJ (WIBX) - The effects of a fast ball thrown two years ago are still being felt in Manchester, New Jersey.

Little League catcher Matthew Migliaccio, eleven years old at the time, was helping the pitcher on his team warm up when he overthrew the ball and struck a spectator in the face. Elizabeth Lloyd was sitting at a picnic table which was five feet away from the bullpen, which was fenced in, and watching her son play when she was hit.

Once he saw what happened Matthew ran over to Lloyd to see if she was ok and apologize.  Although she said that she was fine, Lloyd ended up in the emergency room with multiple fractures.

She has since had reconstructive surgery and claims to suffer from frequent headaches.

She is now suing the youngster for the maximum amount allowed through the family's homeowner's policy, $500,000.

Matthew's dad, Bob Migliaccio, says that he was shocked that Little League Baseball has not stepped in to intervene.  Pointing to the "inherent risk" factor that exists for spectators, Little League Media Relations Director Steve Barr says that the League's insurance does not cover spectators.  Posted signs at the Machester field warn spectators about foul balls, but not overthrown ones.

Since the incident Matthew's dad has stepped down as a coach and his mom now longer manages the snack stand.  Matthew still plays, on three teams, and his dad says that he hopes that he hopes that the now thirteen year-old Yankees fan and avid baseball player does not lose his love of the game.