Local attorney Julia Brouillette is announcing her candidacy for Oneida County Family Court Judge.

She is also announcing that she has secured the endorsement of the Oneida County Republican Committee.

In an attempt to alleviate an exceptionally large case load on current family court judges, the new position was created by the New York State Legislature and became official in a bill signed by Governor Cuomo on Wednesday.

Oneida County was one of 11 counties outside of New York City to get an additional Family Court Judge.

Brouillette says her experience as a law clerk and her past work in the State Family Court system are the main factors she decided to pursue the position.

She said she also has a desire to give back to the community.

"As a Court Attorney Referee, I perform many functions that directly equate to the position of Family Court Judge that is being created," Brouillette said. "I feel that I have the qualifications and knowledge necessary to fill this seat honorably, and I hope to have the opportunity to utilize this experience and give back to our community."

Because of the late addition of the position, the calendar for nominating petitions has been adjusted.

Petitions will begin to circulate on July 11, and need to be submitted no later than July 24.

The rest of the calendar will stay the same, with a Primary date scheduled, if necessary, for September 9, and the General Election scheduled for November 4.

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