Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Today we speak with two of the final three Oneida County Family Court Judge candidates and Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins. We also talk with Mighty John The Record Guy about the Top Ten Records to be thankful for.

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***Today’s Topics***


- We set our clocks back an hour yesterday. Hopefully you have already received the Memo.

- Nik Wallenda makes two impressive tight rope walks across two buildings in Chicago. He broke two world-records.

- We talk a little bit about the NFL games yesterday including the two big shockers New England and Miami.


- We talk about some listener requests.

- Police allege that a woman who was at a Halloween Party over the weekend would not leave.

- Bill judged a Costume Party over the weekend in Ilion for kids.

- A lot of talk occurred over the weekend about our interview with Dawn Catera Lupi.


- We talk about Kevin Spacey and his impressions. He appeared on The Tonight Show and did Christopher Walken, Bill Clinton, and more.

- There is another McDonald's scolding story. A man spilled tea on himself after slipping and falling.

- Ray Stagich gives us his Weather Channel forecast for the next few days!


- We talk about the fire on the new seven dwarfs ride in the new Adventure Land at the Magic Kingdom in Disney. Andrew gives us a little insight into the world of Disney.

- We talk about a video that shows Californians trying to pronounce Upstate New York towns.

To Watch the Video:


- A man was so upset that he didn't lose weight on the Jared diet at Subway, that he robbed 4 Subway stores.

- This leads to a discussion in weight loss and what it takes.

- A man in France died when he was competing in an alcohol drinking contest. He downed 56 shots at a bar. He did 30 of them in one minute. A previous patron set a record of 55.

- We talk again about Nik Wallenda.

- During NBC Nightly News, they go to Weather Channel channel meteorologist and it appeared he was relieving himself, but he may have just been putting his gloves on.

Julia Brouillette - Running For Oneida County Family Court Judge

- Julia is running on the Republican Party line for the Oneida County Family Court Judge position.

They Say It's Your Birthday...

  • Bill Ball from New Hartford
  • Danielle Stormes from Herkimer
Congratulations to Bill Ball from New Hartford. You win the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop.

Free Money Question(s) of the Day

- We take Mike and Steve and neither won the $100, but Mike takes the dinner at Carmella's and Steve wins Comets tickets.

Karen Stanislaus - Oneida County Family Court Judge Candidate

- Karen is one of three candidates running for the open Family Court Judge Seat in Oneida County. She is running on the Independence Line.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- High School Football Playoff Recap.

- 3 local high schools will be playing at the Carrier Dome this upcoming weekend.

- After Ron, we get a call from Jeff about his points on the upcoming elections.

Mighty John The Record Guy - Top Ten Record "To Be Thanful For"

- Mighty John is the Record Guy and he's on today to talk about the Top Ten Records to be "Thankful For" in the month of November.

- For more information on your records visit:

Howie Hawkins - Green Party Candidate for Governor

- We talk to Howie about his campaign thus far and how well he is doing in the polls. He hopes this will send a message to Cuomo.

- We also get his take on a number of different issues, including tax cap, fracking, and education.

Free Money Question of the Day #3

- Tony from Utica is our contestant and he has the chance to win $100. His question is: What is the only planet that rotates clockwise? The answer is Venus and he got it right. He wins $100 and dinner for 2 at Carmella's.

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