Utica, NY (WIBX) - Local Boy Scout Executive & CEO, Michael Donaghue, is reacting to yesterday's scathing FBI report on Penn State's handling of child sex abuse allegations against former Penn State assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky. "It appears as though there was quite a bit of cover up, if I would say, by school officials and that's really despicable in my opinion, that they had the interest of the college and the football program that were more important than the welfare of individuals," Donaghue said.

He says although the FBI's findings won't effect the work the Boy Scouts do, the report by former FBI director Louis Freeh does shed light on child sexual abuse. "The Boy Scouts has been recognized as a leader in protecting youths through the programs we have in place," he said. One of those programs is the Youth Protection Training. Donaghue says its principles are multifaceted and address ways to keep youths safe physically, and from being abused by a sexual predator.

Donaghue said, "We never allow one-on-one contact between an adult and a youth, unless it's a parent or another family member. We don't allow any secret organizations in the Scouts. We require every adult leader in Scouting to take Youth Protection Training, which is a requirement to become registered in the Boy Scouts and be a leader, so we're very proactive." Donaghue goes on to say that the information coming out reemphasizes how important it is that the Boy Scouts stick to their procedures, and follow them precisely. He said, "And, that the most important thing we do is we provide a wholesome program for our youths, free of the concerns that are happening with Penn State." Sandusky has been convicted of scores of counts of child sex abuse and is awaiting sentencing.