We may be on the other side of the COVID-19 Pandemic, according to Governor Cuomo, but the need for hand sanitizer will continue. One local business will be here to provide it.

Jordan Karp is the owner of Adirondack Distilling Company and he originally teamed up with the guys from from Mountainside Medical to produce a liquid sanitizer, but now the formula will have the gel-like consistency most people are used to.

Before making the product available to the general public, Karp and Adirondack Distilling were manufacturing the gel product for wholesalers across the country since the Pandemic began. Karp says,

While some are making a World Health Organization Formula sanitizer, our company has gone above and beyond and created a gel that consumers are more comfortable with as well as a liquid that can be used in a spray.

Karp joined Keeler Tuesday morning to discuss the new venture. Karp spoke about the process it took to get his formula certified by the FDA. Karp says, "We wanted to do it right. Other distilleries were given a waiver to bypass certification, but we wanted to do it right." Karp added "the formula was developed by a physician, making it one of the few small manufacturing facilities taking these extra steps."

Health officials continue to urge people to use proper hand hygiene and that includes the use of hand sanitizer and frequent hand-washing. By having this product available locally, the public can be assured that this valuable resource, which saw a shortage months ago, will continue to be readily available. Karp and his team will continue to have the sanitizer in their line of products along with great spirits!

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