A Rome Free Academy graduate now living in Syracuse is supporting local businesses and  raising money for the CNY Food Bank by running a 1000K road race. If you're doing the math, that works out to be more than 66 Boilermaker 15K road races.

Amber Howland decided to take part in the OneNY running Challenge during the current COVID-19 PAUSE by adding a local twist to help local causes.  The virtual challenge is asking people from around the world to celebrate New York by running the width of New York State, no matter where you are during our COVID quarantine. The cause is about running together as one New York even though you probably won't be able to travel for vacation this year.

Since you likely won’t be able to go anywhere on vacation this summer, let’s come together as ONE New York. Let's work on your fitness and remain accountable with your friends.
Compete VIRTUALLY with a SUMMER LONG running challenge.
Travel the length of New York (Niagara Falls to Montauk, Long Island), on your schedule, without having to sleep in a hotel or the back of a motor home.
1000k is about 6 miles per day. May 15, 2020 – August 31, 2020

Submitted photo
Submitted photo

That means...500k is about 3 miles per day... duh!
Runners will receive a link where they can record their daily mileage to update the map and standings.
Starting May 15…race your friend from college, colleagues from work or just get out of the house to take a break from making social media videos😉
One of a kind shirts and gaiters (face coverings) will be sent to ALL participants. Medals will be awarded to those that cross the VIRTUAL FINISH LINE!

Howland decided to add her own twist to the challenge by running some 6 miles every day over 108 days to benefit exposure for local businesses with the hope of raising money for the CNY Food Bank. Her goal  is to run 6 miles a day, 44 miles a week for a total of 621 miles over 108 days. On Wednesday, she made it to the half-way point having run over 310 miles with 54 days to go.

Howland is asking for local businesses to support her by giving her some of their swag. Tee shirts, hats, signs etc. given to her for her to be used to promote the local business trying to survive COVID-19, with a goal of inspiring people to frequent their business and also give to the CNY Food Bank.

You can donate or include your business as a sponsor by going to Amber's website. Up until Friday, Amber had raised $4,926.55, just $74 shy $5000.


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