Niantic, CT (WIBX) - The Niantic River Bridge operator sounded the opening and closing sirens in honor of Lucky Larry the Lobster, who was released at an undisclosed location in the Long Island Sound.

Estimated to be between seventy and one hundred years old, Larry was caught somewhere in New England and was then sold to The Dock Restaurant.

Don MacKenzie of Boats, Inc. in Niantic, Connecticut  developed a soft spot for the elderly crustacean. He said, "This lobster has seen World War I, World War II, seen the landing on the moons and the Red Sox win the World Series, he's made it this far in life.  He deserves to live."  He bought the lobster and, although neither MacKenzie nor The Dock Restaurant will cough up details on how much he paid, MacKenzie admitted, "...(it's) the most expensive lobster I never ate."

He was released into an area of the Long Island Sound where boats cannot use drag nets.  They hope that he does not venture far and, if he does, steers clear of lobster traps and nets.

Well-wishers gathered at the restaurant over the weekend to say their final goodbyes.  A group of children nicknamed him "Larry," and then "Lucky Larry."

The Day's Julianne Hanckel wrote the original story accompanied by this video:

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