Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Cry Babies
Hometown of the Day: Waterville
Newsmaker of the Day: Hillary Clinton

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***Today’s Topics***


- The Weather was a little cooler yesterday than it has been.

- Gripe is discussed. Bill's real gripe is Cry Baby, and Kristine has a gripe about a guests improper use of the word alliteration.

- California Chrome's owner cried and said he was ashamed of his actions. Did he really change his mind and should he take back what he said or just apologize for saying it?

- We discuss the difference between "assonance" and "alliteration." Grammar a hot topic this morning.

- Dennis calls up to talk about the Belmont Stakes and the horses that ran in all three and the ones that didn't run in the other two.


- There was a rumor that Tracy Morgan had his leg amputated, but a rep for Morgan said that was not true. He did however have surgery on his leg.

- Hillary Clinton is really getting ramped up for the 2016 election season, and she may be taking all the difficult decisions early.

- Donald Sterling changes his mind about the selling of the Clippers, is anyone surprised?

- What else is to come today?

- Triple Crown Contest: Can you name the Triple Crown winner that is an example of Alliteration?


- We continue the grammatical discussion and how we didn't catch it from the guest yesterday.

- Alliteration and Assonance differences continue. The issue of the newsletter in the Ilion utility bill is the source of all this discussion.

- What is appropriate for elected or political officials in regards to sending messages in the mail?

- The Ilion mayoral candidates will debate later on in the show.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Will be humid today with possible thunderstorms or rain showers in some area. Slight chances of rain and thunderstorms.

- Ray tries to alliterate, but has some trouble.


- Donald Sterling will sue the NBA after all.

- So much Hillary in the news and it's so early still. She's got the book and now she's setting herself up possibly for a run, getting it out early.

- Tucker Carlson from FOX news can't understand why falling asleep at the wheel is a punishable offense.

- There has to be a difference considering it was a Tractor Trailer and not a regular vehicle.

Yankees/Red Sox Tickets Giveaway Finale

- Paul vs. Diane playing Truth or Crap for those Yankees/Red Sox tickets.

- Before the contest, Denise called up to give insight into the world of tractor trailer driving. She mentions that a truck driver should never fall asleep. There are federal laws regulating the sleeping and driving logs of truck drivers.

- There are some people that have jobs just to regulate the log books and monitor them. A lot of companies have gone electronic for regulating log books.

- Now to the contest: Diane is the Winner! She beat Paul 3-2. We gave Paul a Charlie's gift card as a consolation prize.

Chuck Marshall - Stewart's Shops

- Before we got to Chuck Marshall, we go over Bill's gripe again of "Cry Babies" and California Chrome owner.

-Now to Chuck: The common council will vote tomorrow and Chuck is feeling optimistic. He feels the city recognizes that there is a benefit to this project, both in West Utica and the East Utica project.

- Stewart's has gone above and beyond to be accommodating and Chuck spoke with multiple residents in the area and let them know that they can reach out to him directly.

- Chuck says that Stewart's are good neighbors and will be at the potential East Utica sight tomorrow giving away free coffee from 7-9.

- The big question we'll ask Chuck after the break is Who paid for the commercial promoting a "No" vote from the City Council?

Continuing With Chuck Marshall

- He has been stuck in the middle of this controversy and he's feeling optimistic about the Council vote tomorrow.

- They will not have 12 pumps, they are going to have 4, they will not allow tractor trailers to fill up, and they will have landscaping to help with the buffer zone.

- There are TV and Radio commercials urging the Common Council to vote against the project. It surprises Chuck for this.

- We discussed the Ice Cream and other items given to help the community.


- We go over some of the potential ice cream flavors for the city of Utica including Ga-Goots and anything with a lot of nuts in it.

- Stewart's will take care of the toxic soil and possible flooding.

- Vacancies don't help the appearance of the city.

- Donald Sterling has decided that he will sue the NBA again, after said he was going to drop it. He is definitely doing some flip-flopping.

- Still to come...Ilion Mayoral Debate!

Ilion Mayoral Debate

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

Terry Leonard (D) vs. Beth A. Neale (R - Incumbent)

- We open with candidates telling us a little bit about themselves.

- We ask them what they will do for the village.

- Beth has projects in progress she wants to continue and Terry wants to work with the budget.

- Beth brings up the point of budgets he's worked with in the past is different that municipalities.

- The issue of Village attorney and that attorney's pay is debated.

- Jim calls in with a question about the Duofold building and what will happen with it. Read More:

Debate Continues...

- We get into the issue of the utility bill newsletter. Terry begins. Terry has spoken with some of the people and he feels some believe it's campaigning on tax payer's dollar. He feels he is being mentioned in the newsletter ("Wolf in Sheeps Clothing").

- Beth Neale defends her letter and her comments in the letter. She says that she is not referring to Mr. Leonard in the newsletter, but other people who have made attacks on her. She wants people to come forward and find out the truth.

- Beth Neale gives her reasons as to why people should vote for her. She mentions that lack of experience on Mr. Leonard's part and his running mates could hurt the village in regards to negotiating with state agencies.

- Mr. Leonard is running on government transparency, fiscal responsibility, and infrastructure.

- Remington Arms issue debated as well. How would a move of Remington Arms effect you?

Jeffrey Carpenter - Herkimer County DA

We poke with Herkimer County District Attorney Jeffrey Carpenter.

- Sad story about the Dolgeville infant that passed away from Hyperthermia.

- They are in the process of tracking down leads and witnesses have been disposed and on paper. They are looking to corroborate witness statements.

- It's an unusual procedure where 4 children go to three different places and only on Wednesday. There was no lack of communication, the baby was not supposed to go to the grandparent's home so there was no reason for them to question where the baby was.

- Everyone can look at their own lives and see how a change in daily routine can effect someone.

- The guilt must be overwhelming for this man and the reports are showing they are just feeling terrible.

- They're looking for any criminal conduct at all. There is no question that people can argue negligence, but Mr. Carpenter has to decided or look at the criteria of criminal negligence. That will be determined by the corroboration of witness statements.

- He was at the scene and for the autopsy and it can be a difficult position to be in.

- They've put a rush on getting all the materials quickly, but until all information is collected there is no new news.


- There is a story out there in Maryland about the parents of a 15-year-old girl who was receiving inappropriate texts from a 42-year-old teacher. The police investigated it and he was not charged.

- The teacher then showed up at the girls home to speak with the father and the father then hit him with a baseball bat. He suffered minor injuries and did not press charges.

- There are still a lot of questions in this story.

- Reviewed messages received from listeners on today's topics.

- Free Coffee tomorrow from Stewart's 7-9 at the proposed East Utica sight and flavors of potential Utica Ice Cream discussed.

Enjoy your day!

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