As the year comes to a close, most people are taking the time to look back and reflect on their favorite things of 2014, and since I was born and raised in the Mohawk Valley I thought I'd take a look back at one of my favorite Mohawk Valley institutions - Saranac beer and the F.X. Matt Brewery's continued success brewing new and creative beer.

So without further ado, here's my five favorite Saranac brews I tried out in 2014.


  • Luke Tubia, WIBX, TownSquare Media

    Long John Lager

    This is a Dunkel Lager(dunkel is the German word for dark) with a sweet toasty finish. Definitely great for cold weather.

  • Luke Tubia, WIBX, TownSquare Media

    Legacy IPA

    The Legacy IPA(India Pale Ale) was created from a recipe that belonged to the original F.X. Matt, founder of the brewery. Legacy has a strong hoppy taste that any IPA fan will love.

  • Luke Tubia, WIBX, TownSquare Media

    4059' Porter

    Named after New York's Porter Mountain, this seasonal brew can be found in this year's 12 Beers Of Winter variety pack. A delicious porter! It was one of my favorite discoveries of 2014.

  • Luke Tubia, WIBX, TownSquare Media

    Prism White Ale

    As soon as I heard that Prism would be available in early 2014, I had to try one. This white ale is a bit hazy, but it has a slightly fruity and citrusy flavor. It quickly became a favorite. My fingers are crossed for it to come back to shelves in 2015!

  • Luke Tubia, WIBX, TownSquare Media

    Into The Dark IPA

    This is a black IPA that anyone who enjoys both IPA's and dark beer will love. It really combines the best of both worlds when it comes to dark and IPA. You get that nice hoppy taste with delicious dark beer flavor underneath. Definitely my favorite of 2014!