A city employee has been ticketed for allegedly driving away from the scene of an accident and is now being investigated after a resident said he tried to kill him.

45-Year old Andrew Brindisi is accused of driving into a gas line at the Mid York Library in Utica and leaving the scene without notifying authorities.  Brindisi is a sales coordinator withe the city's Urban Renewal Agency and the older brother of Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi.

The Observer Dispatch's Rocco LaDuca is reporting that Brindisi is now being accused by 26-year old Utica resident John Linen of trying to run him over, not once, but twice before he allegedly ran into the gas line.

The alleged incident occurred on Monday, March 31, 2014 at approximately 11:00 p.m. near Shaw Street.  According to the account in LaDuca's report, one of the neighbors called to report that Brindisi was parked in the street, outside of her home taking pictures.

Police reportedly questioned Brindisi, who said that he was concerned about possible crime in the area.  Police say they concluded that he was not breaking any laws by taking pictures.  A confrontation then allegedly occurred between Brindisi and Linen about an hour later.

Linen claims he was hit by Brindisi with his car not once, but twice.  He clams he was standing in a driveway and was knocked unconscious when Brindisi's car hit him the second time, before crashing into the gas line outside of the library building.

Residents were evacuated until the gas line was fixed.  Linen was treated at St. Elizabeth's hospital for knee and leg injuries.  Police say they found Brindisi's damaged car near the Stanley Center for the Arts.

Police say their investigation is continuing.

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