Current Utica City Councilman Joe Marino has laid out a 6-point plan that he says could bring in nearly $2 million in new revenue to the city each year, without raising taxes.

Marino, a second term councilman who is facing incumbent Robert Palmieri in a primary for the Democratic line in fall's mayoral race, says each of the six points have been available and recommended to Mayor Palmieri, but the challenger claims the mayor is slow to act on ideas that aren't his own.

  • The first is to accept an offer from Oneida County to redistribute sales tax collections in the county - benefiting the city of Utica to the tune of $1 million a year, Marino says.
  • Allow the Utica Fire Department to do non-emergency transports to the hospital, something Marino estimates the city could generate an additional $450,000
  • Create a vehicle impound lot for the Utica Police Department - something he says could create $150,000 in new revenue.
  • A crackdown on out of town landlords who are habitual Codes violators, which Marino creating $50,000 in revenue
  • A municipal WIFI program. While Marino says there is a cost the city, allowing sponsors on WIFI kiosks - something he says is done in NYC - it would pay for the city's expenses while generating some $150,000 in advertising revenue. He says this is something that isn't being with Utica's Zagster Bike Sharing program. 
  • Marino also complained that state aid for the city has remained flat for the past 8 years ($16.1 million). He claims Palmieri has not advocated for an increase in assistance

Marino was joined Tuesday by Tom Carcone, president of the IAFF Local 32 which represents Utica fire fighters, and Anthony Bartolotti - an advertising professional in the area.

Mayor Palmieri issued the following statement regarding Marino's plan:

“My administration has vetted many revenue generating proposals. Some of which, we have found to be fiscally irresponsible and some we’re implementing, such as municipal Wi-fi. We’ve acted upon a plan to grow business, the local tax base and partnerships. The result of our action is that we’ve put more than 600 properties on the tax rolls and our tax base has expanded by $28 million. We’ve added $6 million to the fund balance and improved our credit ratings across the board. Outlining plans is one thing, executing and delivering is another, and we’ve done both.”

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