Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri has announced the creation of the City of Utica Civilian Public Safety Advisory Board.

The city established a number of reforms last year to help the Utica Police Department better serve city residents.

After extensive and substantive discussions, the Committee unveiled its Police Reform Report which called for the implementation of fourteen specific reforms that fell under the city’s jurisdiction.

The reforms included the establishment of a Crisis Intervention Team, more frequent implicit bias training, installation of cameras in specific public areas, a plan to recruit more minority youth to careers in public safety and increase transparency of resident complaints.

One of the biggest reforms was the creation of a Civilian Public Safety Advisory Board.

The Board consists of two appointments by the mayor, two by the Common Council, two individuals nominated by a local non-profit and one named by the Utica-Oneida County Chapter of the NAACP.

The Board will have the ability to audit functions of the Utica Police Department and make recommendations to police administration.

The Board will hold its first meeting on Thursday July 28th at 3:00pm at City Hall.

They’ll hold their first meeting on July 28.

“A lot of people talk about police reform, but my Administration takes action. Last year, the Police Reform Committee put forward comprehensive reforms to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community; one of which was to create a Civilian Public Safety Advisory Board. This Board consists of well-respected leaders, and I’m confident they will be an asset to the police department and community,” said Mayor Palmieri.

This is the seven-member board:

  • Jim Winston (appointed by Mayor Palmieri)
  • Tiffanie Davis (appointed by Mayor Palmieri)
  • John Ciccarelli (appointed by the Common Council)
  • Monalisa Fermin (appointed by the Common Council)
  • Darlene Mack-Brown (appointed as a nonprofit nominee)
  • Dzevad Racic (appointed as a nonprofit nominee)
  • Sonia Martinez (appointed by the NAACP)

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